visitor services center at the front of the zoo

Zoo Amenities

Zoo Amenities


Members of the Zoo’s Security Staff are trained as First Responders for emergency situations.
Should you have an emergency while on Zoo grounds, please go to the Entry Plaza, the first aid station located near the Carousel or ask any staff member for help. In case of dangerous weather, the Zoo’s indoor exhibit buildings are designated safe areas.


The new Nursing Moms Nest offers privacy for new moms who are pumping or breastfeeding. Located inside the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center and Ascension St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion, the Mamava Lactation Suite includes comfortable seating, a fold-down table and outlets for your convenience. The code to open the door is located on the outside of the Mamava and the door locks from the inside for privacy. Moms can also open the door through the Mamava App.

Download the Mamava App for additional features.


The Zoo has the world’s first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table named Pluie. Pluie is powered by a patented UV-C light system that damages 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses* within one minute after every use. All you do is place your child on the comfortable cushion and hang a bag on the side handles. When finished changing your child, close the table and the sanitization cycle will safely begin!

*Verified by a third-party laboratory that conducted microbial efficacy testing using E. Coli.

PLAN AHEAD – Use the online Zoo Map to find all our amenities!

The Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens are fully ADA Accessible.

We encourage individuals and families with special needs to reach out to us in advance so we can help you prepare for our visit. More details about the services we provide are available on the tabs below.

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