Major Mitchell's cockatoo tilts head to the side while looking at camera.
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Mom and baby long-tailed macaques are perched on a ladder rung inside a zoo exhibit.
Community Donation Program

The Indianapolis Zoo is a private 501(c)(3) organization that provides donations to Indiana nonprofit organizations sponsoring fundraising activities to benefit their members or target audience. We do not offer donations for appreciation awards, door prizes, monetary donations, sponsorships or post-prom gifts. Priority is given to organizations that support Indiana families and animal conservation. Organizations may receive one donation per the calendar year.

Requests must be received 3 months in advance of your fundraising event. While we try to fulfill every request, submitting a request does not guarantee you will receive a donation.

To apply by mail, please submit a one-page letter on your organization’s letterhead describing the fundraising event, the potential benefit to the community, the date of the event, how tickets will be distributed (e.g., raffle or silent auction) and the address to where the donation should be mailed.

Mail your letter to:

Indianapolis Zoo
Attn: Community Donations
1200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Or use our online request form: