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Help Protect Wildlife Habitat

Be a Sustainability Superhero

Help Wildlife Survive and Thrive: Be a Sustainability Superhero!

Chimpanzee in the forest

Recycle Your Cell Phone and Other Electronics

Each year, millions of unwanted cellphones in the U.S. end up in a landfill. Recycle yours and contribute to saving habitat for chimpanzees at the same time!

Coltan is a mineral that helps your battery store electricity. Mining for coltan destroys forests and savannas where chimpanzees and many other species live. When you recycle your phone, you reduce the amount of mining needed, which saves wildlife habitats!

The Indianapolis Zoo partners with EcoCell to securely recycle your cell phone. When you drop off your phone at the Zoo, you directly help support conservation of wild chimpanzees and their habitats. You can also recycle your used phone at many retail locations.

Other electronics can be dropped off at the Zoo on our popular Power Recycling event days.

Orangutan mom and baby in trees

Look for Sustainable Palm Oil in Everyday Products

Palm oil, found in many foods and products for the home, is produced from trees farmed in land once held forests. You can help protect the forests that orangutans and many other species call home by purchasing products made only with sustainable palm oil. Look for the PalmOil Scan mobile app and use it when you shop!

Pine forest

Support Sustainable Forestry When You Buy Paper or Wood Products

Habitat for many animal species around the world is threatened by deforestation. You can help protect forests and their many residents by choosing sustainably sourced paper and wood products. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council logo!

Coral reef with fish

Support Sustainable Fishing when You Shop or Dine Out for Seafood

Many fish and other marine species are threatened by overfishing, or being caught accidentally by fishers helping put food on your table. When shopping for seafood, look for species and suppliers that support sustainable fishing practices. Try out the Seafood Guides from Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program for shopping tips!

Purple coneflowers

Create a Wildlife Habitat Close to Home

Whether you’re planting vegetables, flowers, trees or shrubs, think local! Adding native plant varieties to your own outdoor spaces is a great way to attract pollinators and other insects, which support a wide range of plants and animals in your neighborhood. Native plants help you reduce the amount of water and chemicals needed to keep your yard looking its best, too. Check out resources from the Indiana Native Plant Society for some beautiful choices!