The Chimpanzee Trail is an entirely unique elevated structure, unlike anything else, giving the chimpanzees the ability to make decisions about where they go, what they do and with whom they interact with. The vast majority of the trail will be viewable to visitors, with some sections of the trail stretching directly overhead public walkways, offering visitors one-of-a-kind viewing opportunities.

Creating personal connections with chimpanzees

The Community Hub will provide the chimpanzees with elevated spaces that allow a view of downtown Indianapolis and White River State Park. This is where guests will get their first glimpses of chimpanzees and discover these great apes in an environment that respects their natural needs, social structures and behaviors.

Understand chimpanzee cognition—how they think and learn
Harlan/Shriver Families Cognition Center

At the Cognition Center within the International Chimpanzee Complex, chimpanzees will engage in cognitive tasks through computerized touch panel stations designed by scientists to study how they think and perceive the world. Visitors to the Cognition Center will observe this effort and be given opportunities to complete the same cognitive tasks as the chimpanzees, thereby forging intellectual connections between humans and apes.

Discover the rich cultures of chimpanzees
Deborah J. Simon Culture Center

The Culture Center will provide multiple opportunities to view chimpanzees as they gather in small groups. They will enjoy the freedom to visit the tool use space at their own leisure, similar to the ways in which wild chimpanzees explore and move about their home-ranges in African forests. By emphasizing chimpanzees’ ingenuity and creativity through spontaneous and demonstrated tool use, guests will have powerful impressions of what chimpanzees are really like and the critical need to secure their future in the wild.

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Creating a home for up to 30 chimpanzees, this innovative exhibit will recreate important aspects of natural habitat

The International Chimpanzee Complex was designed to promote the natural behaviors of chimpanzees by giving these great apes the freedom to decide where to go, what to do and who they want to do it with. Their home does not look like a forest or savanna, but it functions in a naturalistic way. It provides the kind of variety and freedom that allows these chimpanzees to truly be…chimpanzees.