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Conservation in Action

The Indianapolis Zoo’s new Wild Encounters program allows thousands of children the opportunity to care about wild things and wild places. Each animal in the Wild Encounter program is an ambassador for their species in the wild and provides guests with a unique way to connect with nature. Plus, visitors who are curious to learn more can investigate different animal artifacts.

Many children who visit the Indianapolis Zoo have never personally held, touched or interacted with animals. The Indianapolis Zoo has launched the new Wild Encounters program that brings more nature and wonder into children’s hands. This program allows guests to get up-close views and personal experiences with some amazing animals around the Zoo.

Animal care team members will pop up in random places around the Zoo, bringing animals trained to engage children along with them. Through these animals, the Zoo team can explain the importance of caring about, saving and having a passion for wildlife.

Getting children out of the house, off their devices and even closer to animals is just one way the Indianapolis Zoo can deepen connections with future generations and initiate their curiosity for wildlife.

Now, you can bring that wonder into children’s hands at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Your donation will help fund new costs associated with the animal ambassador program, such as:

  • Bringing animals to the Indianapolis Zoo.
  • Indoor housing space for the animals.
  • Animal ambassador interaction space.
  • Educational activities used to engage and enlighten Zoo children.

Thank you for your help in saving species! Your donation will be used to feed and care for the animal ambassadors here at the Indianapolis Zoo while also helping support the Zoo’s conservation grants program.

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