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Discover how the impact of the Indianapolis Zoo’s field support extends far beyond its gates, touching animal conservation efforts worldwide! The Zoo’s commitment to global conservation is transforming habitats and safeguarding species for generations to come.

great green macaw looking at the camer
Macaw Recovery Network
Establishing a Bright Future for Costa Rica’s Native Macaws

The Macaw Recovery Network, formerly The Ara Project, is dedicated to saving the two native species of Costa Rica: the well-known Scarlet Macaw and the endangered Great Green Macaw. The network helps protect these incredible birds from threats by establishing captive breeding programs and reintroducing offspring into the wild.

The Indianapolis Zoo joined these efforts in 2015, and recently, the Zoo’s resources provided an opportunity for Dr. Sam Williams, director of the network, and his mentor and the 2016 Indianapolis Prize winner, Dr. Carl Jones. The pair are now working to monitor and manage wild Great Green Macaws to develop the best practices for parrot conservation.