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Hilbert Conservatory

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Enjoy a tropical escape right in the heart of downtown Indianapolis!

No matter what the season, the Hilbert Conservatory offers the ultimate urban escape all year round! Enjoy a tropical paradise filled with beautiful blooms and lush greenery.

This amazing retreat is located right in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, and it’s a great place to relax for a midday getaway or a nearby weekend adventure.

The warm, aromatic indoor garden features 5,000 square feet of lush, tropical greenery. The 65-foot ceilings flood the space with light, and the mezzanine level provides a bird’s eye view of the glorious gardens below as well as stunning view of the natural beauty of the outdoor DeHaan Tiergarten. With its gleaming shape visible in the night sky, the Conservatory is an architectural complement to the downtown skyline.

Inside the Conservatory, look for the exotic palm trees, flowering plantscapes and a small fish pond. The blown glass windows along the entrance of the Conservatory, which were created by glass artist Dave McLary, offer a beautiful transition to the space while the center font by sculptor Dale Enochs provides the gentle sounds of flowing water.

This beautiful space will inspire you to bring the outdoors inside your own home!

Sept. 8-Nov. 30

For the first time since 2009, the ancient Asian art form of bonsai will be on display in White River Gardens this fall!

From Sept. 8 through Nov. 30, visitors can appreciate the intricate beauty of these living artworks up close in our Hilbert Conservatory, thanks to a partnership with the Indianapolis Bonsai Club.

This limited-time exhibit will feature 25 unique creations of 15 different species, including a Brazilian rain tree, ficus and black olive.

As guests view the gorgeously formed greenery, they may also be inspired to bring the beauty of bonsai into their own homes.


Prized for their delicate details and unique forms, bonsai are not a specific type of tree but rather any species with smaller-sized leaves. The trees are planted in shallow trays and are formed, pruned and cared for to create miniature versions of a variety of tree types. Even fruiting and flowering trees can be used.

This practice that first began in sixth century Japan has grown into a popular plant pastime worldwide.

Experience the botanical beauty!

The Hilbert Conservatory and Butterfly Kaleidoscope are included with regular Zoo admission. Plan your next Zoo adventure today!

Host your event in the Hilbert Conservatory!

Whether it is a company party, boardroom meeting or wedding, the Hilbert Conservatory is perfect to host your next event. The Hulman Riverhouse, located inside the Hilbert Conservatory, gives guests a beautiful view of downtown Indianapolis and the White River. Events held in the evening receive exclusive access to the Grand Hallway, outdoor terrace and Schaefer Rotunda. Catering and A/V options are also available for events.

The option to buy out the Hilbert Conservatory and White Rivers Gardens for your event is also available. Learn more about hosting your next event in the Hilbert Conservatory.