Animal Chats & Presentations
Animal Chats & Presentations

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  • All-Star Dog Challenge

    You’ll be amazed by these unbelievably agile dogs of all breeds and sizes performing aerial tricks and other fascinating behaviors. Presentations are held in the arena and includes a fun, educational message to teach the importance of animal adoption. Seating is first come, first served.

    More than five million dogs are brought into pounds and shelters in our country each year. And unfortunately out of those, half of them don’t make it out alive. The Zoo encourages you the next time you look to bring a dog into your home or family, that you might consider adopting your next pet from Indy Humane or a local shelter in your own hometown. You’ll feel paws-itively awesome!

  • Baboon Chat

    Bound over to our Plains Biome for our Baboon chat! Meet our Guinea baboons which have been part of the Indianapolis Zoo’s animal collection for decades. Learn about these social monkeys and how they communicate to survive in western Africa. Check out these fascinating animals and their dynamics while they receive an afternoon snack!

  • Brown Bear Chat

    Join our Alaskan brown bears for an afternoon snack during our Bear Chat! Learn from our animal experts all about the role food plays in the lives of bears and how we can improve our relationship with bears in the wild. This is the best time of day to see our two playful bears active and foraging.

  • Cheetah Chat

    Sprint over to our Plains biome for our Cheetah Chat and get a closer glimpse of the fastest land mammal on the planet! Learn about the adaptations that give cheetahs their iconic speed while the cheetahs receive a snack from our animal care team. You’ll also find out what you can do right here at the Zoo to save cheetahs! Cheetah chat is located at the double wooden doors between the warthog and elephant exhibits.

  • Dog Shark Chat

    Learn something new while you touch a shark! While sharks have a fearsome reputation, they play an important role in the health of our oceans. Learn what sharks do for marine ecosystems across the globe and how you can help secure a safer future for sharks and other ocean animals by making sustainable seafood choices. The Dog Shark Chat is held in the Firestone Gallery, featuring the nation’s largest shark touch pool.

  • Dolphin Presentation

    PLEASE NOTE: Doors close 5 minutes prior to the presentation. Strollers must be parked outside the Ascension St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion in the designated area. Guests with concerns about the security of strollers can consider renting a stroller. 

    Our free Dolphin Presentations feature engaging demonstrations by our incredible bottlenose dolphins! Not only will you be enthralled by these powerful and intelligent marine mammals, you’ll learn more about the incredible bond they share with Zoo staff. Presentations are included with regular Zoo admission, but seating is limited and tickets are required. Pick up your tickets when you enter the Zoo. Pavilion doors open 30 minutes prior to each presentation and close 5 minutes before the presentation. Seating is first-come, first-served.

  • Elephant Bathing Demonstration

    Even the largest animals on land enjoy being pampered! During the warmer months, come to Tembo Camp presented by Central Indiana Honda Dealers to learn how Zookeepers care for the members of our African elephant herd. You may even have a chance to touch an elephant and gain a unique new perspective of these gentle giants.

  • Flamingo Mingle

    Get up close and personal with our flock of fabulous flamingos during Flamingo Mingle! Watch these beautiful birds march out onto the pathway to grab a snack and interact with our guests. Learn all about flamingo adaptations and what you can do to help save flamingos in the wild. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with these amazing animals!

  • Hornbill Chat

    Fly over to Flights of Fancy to check out our incredible Southern Ground Hornbills! Discover the problem-solving abilities of these amazing animals both at the Zoo and in the wild. Although this bird hails from southern Africa, it shares conservation threats with many of our own native birds of prey. Learn what you can do to help save birds while our hornbills enjoy some enrichment!

  • Lemur Chat

    Discover our leaping lemurs at our lemur chat. Ring-tailed lemurs live in large troops led by a dominant female. See these adorable primates in action and learn about the importance of their social structure as the lemurs receive a snack. Located at the exit of Forests, the lemur chat is a great opportunity to learn more about these adorable animals and how the Zoo supports their conservation in the wild.

  • Lion Chat

    Pounce on the chance to learn about our African lions! Whether they are participating in a training demonstration or receiving some enrichment, you’ll get an up-close look at these powerful big cats. Lions are the only social cats and use teamwork to survive harsh conditions in Africa. Discover how we can use teamwork to help lions half a world away!

  • Macaque Chat

    Check out our troop of playful, charismatic long-tailed macaques during our Macaque Chat! These athletic monkeys use their adaptations—like swimming—to survive in a wide variety of habitats—sometimes right alongside humans! Learn about what these animals have in common with some of our own backyard creatures and how we can better live alongside wildlife.

  • Magnificent Macaws presented by Floors To Your Home

    There’s something in the air with Just Look Up™ flight presentations. See flocks of these big, brightly colored birds fly from destinations across the Zoo — in open air — to The Perch inside our Bicentennial Pavilion. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever seen! Take a bird’s eye view and meet seven incredible species of macaws. While these parrots are soaring back and forth across the Zoo, these highly intelligent and social birds are in constant communication with loud squawks, croaks and screams. Plus, you can also meet other beautiful birds, like the great horned owl.

  • Meerkat Chat

    Join our mob of meerkats for our Meerkat Chat! Meerkats live in complex societies with specific roles that ensure the survival of the mob. Learn about the roles our meerkats play in their mob in the wild while watching our mob at the Zoo. With a lowered glass window in front of the exhibit, this chat is a perfect stop for younger guests who will find themselves at eye level with these charismatic creatures.

  • Penguin Feed Demonstration presented by Dippin' Dots

    Have you ever seen a penguin “fly” under water? They are FAST — darting, turning on a dime and heading as quickly as possible for their “fishy” targets. Join the Oceans aquarists for a chat about our penguins and a demonstration of their superior fishing skills as they dive for their dinner. Be sure to look at the third viewing window under your feet to see these skillful swimmers shoot through the water! You’ll learn more about these amazing aquatic birds and the challenges they face in the wild.

  • Sea Lion Chat

    Get acquainted with these charming marine mammals as the keepers demonstrate their extraordinary ability to learn. The California sea lions will amaze with their vocalizations, gestures and wonderful diving abilities. These intelligent animals are wonderful representatives for their wild counterparts and bring the message of animal conservation combined with a sense of humor!

  • Snake Chat

    Want a sssuper ssspecial experience here at the Zoo? Come check out our Snake Chat and meet some of the largest snakes at the Zoo! Although these massive reptiles are native to tropical locations around the global, they are considered invasive species in the Florida Everglades. Guests will get a chance to touch our snakes and learn about the story of these often misunderstood creatures.

  • Tiger Chat

    Watch our tiger keepers engage with the largest cats on earth at the tiger training demonstrations in Tiger Forest. You’ll get one of the best views of the day as the tigers come up to the glass and display a variety of behaviors. Learn why tiger training is an important part of tiger care, how keepers train an animal that has razor sharp teeth and claws, and what you can do to help protect wild Amur tigers.

  • Walrus Chat

    Head on over to the Underwater Viewing at our Pacific walrus exhibit for a walrus training demonstration! The Indianapolis Zoo is one of just a handful of zoos and aquariums in the United States that have walrus. Despite their size, walrus are incredibly agile and intelligent. You’ll have the opportunity to see our walrus participate in their training while learning about what you can do to help protect our fin-footed friends in the wild. If you can’t make it to the Zoo for our daily chat, tune in to our webcam!

About Chats & Presentations

See some of your favorite Zoo animals in a whole new way!

Make some memories on your next Zoo trip by visiting one of our many animal chats! Chats are an opportunity not only to learn more about our amazing animals from our Animal Care Team and Animal Experts, but also a chance to catch animals at their most active. Between training demonstrations, enrichment and touch opportunities, these experiences give you a glimpse of what the Zoo does to care for its own animals and how to help save their wild counterparts. Chats are included with regular Zoo admission and availability varies seasonally. At the Entry Plaza, ask for a schedule card presented by Citizens Energy Group. All chats are animal, staff, and weather dependent.

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