Tembo Camp Will Give Elephants Room to Roam
Opening in Summer 2020, This Exhibit Will Offer Guests Up-Close Experiences

Tembo Camp Will Give Elephants Room to Roam


Guests can experience the majesty and power of the Zoo’s African elephant herd up close when Tembo Camp presented by Central Indiana Honda Dealers opens this summer. Tembo means elephant in the Swahili language. This stunning new space that’s currently under construction will offer our elephants room to roam, and guests will get to see firsthand how the elephants are cared for and hear about global conservation efforts the Zoo supports.

Renovations for the new exhibit are currently under way in Plains. When Tembo Camp is complete, guests will have a chance to get up close with elephants and may even be able to touch one of these amazing animals, creating spectacular memories to share with friends and family.

The largest land mammals on the planet, African elephants can reach a height of up to 13 feet tall and weigh up to 7 tons! Their impressive size is among the reasons elephants are such an iconic species, and remarkably, they grow that large on a diet purely of plants, including grasses, leafy plants, bushes and even tree branches. At the Zoo, our elephants also enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Elephants have been part of our family since the opening of the original Zoo back in 1964. Currently, we have six African elephants in our herd. From our largest elephant, Sophi, to our smallest, Zahara, all our elephants are ambassadors, helping to raise awareness of the threats facing their wild counterparts.

Throughout Africa, elephants are at risk due to habitat loss as well as poaching. An average of 96 elephants are killed each day for their ivory tusks, which are illegally traded around the world. At the Indianapolis Zoo, we proudly support several conservation organizations working to protect Africa’s wild elephants.

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