Tembo Camp Will Give Elephants Room to Roam

Tembo Camp — A New Elephant Experience


Come closer. Feel the ground shake with each gentle footstep. Look into those soulful eyes. And sense a powerful connection that you’ll never forget. “Tembo” means “elephant” in the Swahili language, and Tembo Camp means your brand-new opportunity to meet our herd up close.

This stunning new space offers our elephants more room to roam, as well as providing guests with a firsthand look at how we care for our herd. You might even be lucky enough to get to touch one of these amazing animals! Along with these special encounters, we’ll be using this new space to give animal care demonstrations, including baths and foot treatments for our elephants. Everyone wins!

Like all elephants, each of the five in our herd, is a unique individual with a distinct way of interacting with the world. But they’re all ambassadors helping to raise awareness of the threats being faced by their wild counterparts. Tragically, a worldwide average of 96 elephants are killed each day for their ivory tusks, which are illegally traded around the globe. Your visit helps us defend Africa’s wild elephants against poaching as well as habitat loss. Supporting our global mission is one more way your visit lets you connect to something bigger.  

Come to the Plains biome to meet some towering representatives of the largest land mammal on Earth — and leave with a gigantically memorable experience!

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