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Reticulated Giraffes

With their refined appearance, elegant stride and long black tongue, giraffes are a favorite of Zoo guests. Giraffes are one of Africa’s most iconic species, yet they are vulnerable to extinction. Get to know the world’s tallest land mammal and help support the care of the Zoo’s giraffes as an Animal Amigo.

Majani, our male giraffe, is 9 years old and 14-and-ahalf feet tall. He is extremely laid-back and prefers to watch from afar rather than participate at the public giraffe feeds. Like most giraffes, he likes leaves of all sorts but his favorite treat is a branch with soft bark he can strip off and chew.

Takasa is mom to our new female calf, Makena. At 21 years old she gave birth to six male calves before finally having a girl. One of two adult females, Takasa’s favorite treats are carrots and sweet potatoes. She is a protective mother, but is happy to let her sister, AJ, care for her calves, too.

Our most recent addition, Makena, meaning “happy one” or “abundance” in Swahili, was born in the late evening hours of Feb. 11. She is already more than 6 feet tall and is showing her adventurous side every day. She is sampling solid food including the soft barks her dad Majani enjoys, but she will also nurse from her mother for up to a year. This summer you might get to see her and our other new addition, one-year-old female Kita, up close at the platform if they join their aunt AJ during public feeds.

For a donation of $50 or more, you’ll receive an Animal Amigo package, which includes a giraffe plush, photo, certificate, trading card and recognition on the Animal Amigo donor board.*

*Animal Amigo donor board is located inside the Oceans building and updated each March with the previous year’s donors.

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