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Animal Amigo

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The Animal Amigo program helps care for all of the animals at the Zoo by funding food, medical treatment, equipment, enrichment items, and habitat improvement for the animals in our care.

Graham, Mango, Momba and Ren

Graham, Mango, Momba and Ren made a splash on Memorial Day weekend when our brand-new exhibit, Sharing One World: Long-tailed Macaques a gift of John and Cynde Barnes, opened! Unlike other macaques, long-tailed macaques are the only ones that swim throughout their entire life – making them the perfect addition to our Oceans biome.

By becoming an Animal Amigo, you are supporting Graham’s hearty supply of peanuts, Mango’s veterinary care and maintenance of the exhibit so Momba and Ren can play all day!

Adopt Graham — $50​

Distinguishing Characteristics

Graham is almost three times the size of most of our macaques and is the dominant male of the group.

Fun Facts

Graham has more of a laid-back personality and is very food motivated. He really enjoys peanuts, jello and worms!

Adopt Mango — $50

Distinguishing Characteristics

Mango has a shorter tail and slightly larger body size.

Fun Facts

Mango is one of our dominant females and you can often find her in the middle of a grooming session!

Adopt Momba & Ren — $100

Distinguishing Characteristics

Ren is our youngest and smallest female macaque, born to the most dominant female, Momba.

Fun Facts

Ren still spends a lot of her time under mom Momba’s watchful eye, but loves swimming and diving in the water.

Each Animal Amigo package includes one long-tailed macaque plush*, photo, certificate, trading card, magnet and recognition on the Animal Amigo Donor board.**

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Want to sponsor a Different Animal?

For a donation of $100 or more, sponsor one of the following animals:

  • African elephant
  • Amur tiger
  • Atlantic bottlenose dolphin
  • California sea lion
  • Cheetah
  • Cownose ray
  • Reticulated giraffe
  • King penguin
  • African lion
  • Macaw
  • Meerkat
  • Orangutan
  • White rhino
  • Ring-tailed lemur
  • Pacific walrus
  • Red panda
  • Grant’s zebra


*While supplies last

**Animal Amigo donor board is located inside the Oceans building and updated each March with the previous year’s donors.


Gifts and Groups

Animal Amigo donations make great gifts! You can purchase one as an individual or as a group. However, please note that only one of each item will be enclosed per Animal Amigo packet.

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