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Two-Toed Sloth

Sloths are mostly known for how slow they move, but their slowness is one of their best adaptations. These slow movements allow sloths to go unnoticed by predators like jaguars, ocelots and eagles. Unlike other mammals, sloths spend most of their lives hanging upside down from tree limbs, only coming down to the ground once a week. Their long arms and specialized hook-like claws are essential for moving from tree to tree in search of leaves and fruit. Their arms also make them surprisingly good swimmers!

While sloths are not listed as an endangered species, they are vulnerable to human interactions. Deforestation for paper products and farmland has resulted in reduced and fragmented sloth habitat, the vibrant rainforests of Central and South America. Together with our partners at the Pan American Conservation Association, the Indianapolis Zoo has pledged to help our sloth friends and you can too! Through the Animal Amigo program, you support the care of the sloths at the Indianapolis Zoo, and help visitors learn more about what these species face in the wild.

For a donation of $50 or more, you’ll receive an Animal Amigo package, which includes a sloth plush, photo, certificate, trading card and recognition on the Animal Amigo donor board.*

*Animal Amigo donor board is located inside the Oceans building and updated each March with the previous year’s donors.

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