Round Up for Conservation 2021
A species that’s new at the Zoo needs help to survive in the wild

Round Up to Support Crocodile Conservation


Published March 15, 2021

Your extra change has the power to make a big difference for conservation.

Through the Zoo’s Round Up for Conservation program, guests are helping change the future for critically endangered Orinoco crocodiles, one of the species that was just introduced as part of the Zoo’s new exhibit, Alligators & Crocodiles: The Fight to Survive.

By rounding up and donating the spare change from purchases made in the Zoo’s gift shop, you’re supporting the Venezuelan Crocodile Specialist Group. This team in South America researches populations and possible nesting sites in three rivers, works with local communities and hopes to expand national parks to their border with Colombia.

In past years, the Zoo’s Round Up program has also raised funds for giraffes, coral reef restoration and wildlife affected by Australia’s fires.

Beyond the generosity of our guests, the Zoo is committed to furthering global efforts for species threatened with extinction, awarding annual grants to organizations, researchers and scientists in the field.

You can read more about the Zoo’s 2021 conservation grant recipients.

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