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Rides and Attractions

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Animal Feeds

Flamingo Feed Experience: Out of season

Come up close and personal with our flamingos by feeding them one of their favorite foods, krill! Thanks to a gift from The Family of Dan and Rhonda Hall, we offer opportunities seasonally for guests to feed our flocks.

Feed a Budgie or Lorikeet: Out of season

Enjoy an animal close encounter with one of the feathered friends in Flights of Fancy. In the Budgie Aviary, just give your seed stick a shake and one may even land on your hand, arm or shoulder to have a nibble of seed. In the Lory/Lorikeet Aviary, you can catch a glimpse of these birds’ brush-tipped tongues as they drink nectar right from your hand!

Feed a Giraffe: Out of season

The main platform at the Giraffe Exhibit in Plains not only offers the best views of our reticulated giraffe herd but also you’ll have the opportunity to hand-feed one of these gorgeous creatures! The first time you see these gentle giants up close will be a moment you’ll never forget! Feeds are available seasonally when weather permits.

For our current animal feed opportunities, view our Daily Schedule.

Tickets are $3 per feed; all feeds and rides included in the Total Adventure Package (TAP)!
TAP Cost: $10 for members; $12 for nonmembers

Upgrade your next Zoo Adventure with the Total Adventure Package (TAP)! Cost: $10 for members; $12 for nonmembers

Upgrade your next Zoo Adventure with the Total Adventure Package (TAP)! This all-inclusive, rides and feeding experience is available from mid-spring through early fall and allows you to enjoy everything the Zoo has to offer. TAP into a full day of unlimited rides, giraffe and bird feeds.

TAP: $10 for Zoo members, $12 for nonmembers

Individual Ride/Feed tickets: $3

Enjoy a ride
Endangered Species Carousel

The Carousel features many different hand-carved animals, such as seahorses, penguins, seals, elephants, rhinos, dolphins, lions, and many others! This charming ride is always a favorite of our younger guests. The Carousel is wheelchair accessible. Open mid-March through December, weather permitting.

* Please Note: Children under age 3 must be accompanied by an adult. For safety reasons, one adult without a ticket may stand with a paid child.

Experience the Thrill
Kōmbo Family Coaster

Featuring 13 two-seater cars individually themed as safari jeeps, the Kōmbo Coaster delivers just the right heights, speeds, twists and turns for the whole family to enjoy. The coaster reaches a top speed of 21mph over a 656-foot-long track with a maximum height of 24 feet. Kōmbo is a gift from Scott Jones and his sons Benjamin, Andrew and Daniel through the Scott A. Jones Foundation. Open mid-March through October, weather permitting.

* Please Note: Riders must be at least 38 inches tall. Children 38-47 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult. Persons with limited mobility will need to transfer themselves from wheelchair/scooter to coaster car to ride.

Get an amazing view

This slow-moving, gondola-style ride offers incredible views of the Zoo, especially the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center and downtown Indianapolis. The Skyline reaches heights of up to 50 feet in the air. The 8-minute ride will give you a new perspective of how orangutans view the world, and you might even see one swinging nearby on the Myrta Pulliam Hutan Trail! Each ride car is ADA accessible and seats a maximum of four people. Open mid-March through October, weather permitting.

* Please Note: Children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

See the Zoo by train
White River Junction Train​ presented by Damar Services

Climb aboard the White River Junction Train Ride for a tour of the “Zoo behind the Zoo.” Riders will enjoy a 10-minute narrated journey and learn about our Plains animals, greenhouse, gardens, the Zoo’s 15,000-square-foot veterinary hospital, maintenance and commissary departments and other behind-the-scenes operations necessary to run the Zoo. Available mid-March through December, riders will also learn about the Zoo’s animal conservation mission.

* Please Note: Children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult.​


Race-A-Cheetah presented by the Tony Stewart Foundation

Think you can outrun a cheetah? Here’s your chance to find out! Presented by the Tony Stewart Foundation, this interactive activity in the Plains Exhibit allows for a close-up view of cheetahs and is fun for the whole family. All proceeds go to helping the Cheetah Conservation Fund, which helps to preserve the cheetah species in Africa. Attraction is open from mid-March through October, weather dependent.

Shark Touch Pool

As you go through the Oceans exhibit, don’t miss the highlight of this experience — the Firestone Gallery featuring the nation’s largest shark touch pool. A school of smooth dogfish sharks provides a wonderful opportunity for guests of all ages to have a personal encounter with these misunderstood creatures found in the shallows. Open daily, year-round.

Tots Treehouse & Play Area

Tucked away in the Flights of Fancy area, here you’ll find lots of whimsical features that are great for a romp! Little ones age 0-5 can have hours of fun climbing, jumping and swinging on this oversized equipment. The playground is fully accessible for children with disabilities and includes a unique rubberized walking surface to protect your kids. Open year-round, weather permitting. There is also a convenient restroom beside the play area. Open year-round, weather permitting. 

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