New Species Coming in 2019

Team Snake or Team Sloth.
Which team are you on?


Whether you go for soft and cuddly or sleek and slithery, you’ll find new faces to swoon over — and fellow fans to cheer with — at the Zoo this summer.

Are you on Team Snake? Visit the Deserts Dome, where our newly designed habitats get you closer to all new extreme snakes, including the infamous black mamba! It’s highly venomous, as you might have guessed, but do you know where it gets its highly awesome name? Not from the coloration on its body, but from the bluish-black shade inside its mouth. Visit the exhibit and you may well see what we mean. You can also view reticulated and Burmese pythons, as well as several venomous snakes that can be found right here in Indiana.

If furry and slow is more your speed, perhaps you’re more cut out for Team Sloth. In the new MISTery Park presented by Kroger, you can explore a foggy, cool mosaic of colorful flowers, mosses, trees and plants — all leading up to perhaps the cutest animals in existence. They spend most of their lives upside down, but they are adorable from any angle. Find these guys right across from the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center. Best of all, there are no barriers between you and the cuteness. No fence, no wall — just open air and a golden opportunity for a selfie.

Get your tickets and come see both exhibits, then declare your allegiance!

Quinto sloth at the Indianapolis Zoo
Reticulated Python at the Indianapolis Zoo
Green Mamba at the Indianapolis Zoo
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