New Roos Coming in 2022
Kangaroo Crossing opens June 18 and will feature the charismatic marsupials and other Australian species

New ‘Roos Coming Summer of 2022


Published Oct. 16, 2021

Our furry family will welcome several new roo-mates next year!

Opening summer 2022, Kangaroo Crossing presented by Citizens Energy Group will be located at MISTery Park, which has been the outdoor home for the Zoo’s sloths since 2019. Construction is now under way to completely transform the space with beautiful new plantings, creating a backdrop for red kangaroos that will offer a feeling of Australia right here in Indianapolis.

Marking the first time since 2009 the Zoo has included a dedicated kangaroo exhibit, this new habitat will offer guests an up-close experience where they will get to interact with these and other unique Australian species, also including cockatoos.

Kangaroo Crossing will offer visitors a chance to walk into a large open area without fencing or other barriers. Kangaroos will roam freely in the space as stunning and unique birds fly overhead.

The largest land mammal native to Australia, kangaroos are part of a unique animal group called marsupials that carry their young in a pouch. The red kangaroo is just one of about 60 species of kangaroos and their smaller relatives (wallabies, bettongs and potoroos) found on the continent. Many of those other relative species are now threatened or extinct.

Guests can still have an up-close encounter with a sloth behind the scenes during the Sloth Adventure

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