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Adorable New Arrivals

Zoo Babies

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Kangaroo joey peeking out from mother's pouch
Red Kangaroo
Many new joeys keep this mob really hopping!

Kangaroo Crossing started 2024 with a baby boom! The Zoo welcomed several new red kangaroo babies, or joeys, in late 2023 and early 2024. They include Arlo (male: mother Sadie), Bodhi (male: mother Ziva), Poppy (female: mother Pippa) and Ruby (female: mother Kirra).

Female kangaroos have pouches, where a newborn joey—about the size of a jellybean—crawls into after being born. Joeys nurse milk in the pouch for about 6 months, when they start coming out to explore their world. They stay with their mothers for about 1 year as they learn to eat grasses and other plants.

Learn more about red kangaroos here and meet some of them up close on your next visit to Kangaroo Crossing at the Zoo!