Elephant calf walking with mother
Adorable New Arrivals

Zoo Babies

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Two gazelle calves lying down
Addra Gazelle
We’re gazing with pride at these two new gazelles!

The Zoo welcomed two new male Addra gazelles in November 2023, just two days apart to different mothers! Kabaka was born November 27 to mother Sparrow, and Kula was born November 30 to mother Swann. Six-year old Kamal is the father of both calves. Gazelle calves nurse from their mothers for about 3–4 months. They are protected by their mothers as part of a herd.

These births are very special, as Addra gazelles are a critically endangered species. There are no more than about 100 animals left in the wild. Breeding programs help keep this species thriving in human care as conservationists work to reintroduce some gazelles to their wild habitats.

Learn more about Addra gazelles here and look for them and their curly horns in Plains.