Long-tailed Macaques

Come See Long-tailed Macaques!


The Zoo’s exhibit – Sharing One World: Long Tailed Macaques is a great place to connect with some amazing animals. Long-tailed macaques are a unique monkey species that spends time in the water cooling off, playing or escaping predators. Unlike other macaques in the wild, long-tailed macaques are the only ones that swim throughout their entire life.

Native to Southeast Asia, the macaque lives side by side with humans in an urban setting and are at times seen as pests. Like all animals at the Indianapolis Zoo, the macaques are ambassadors for their species, sharing a conservation message about the importance of humans coexisting with animals. As the human population continues to grow, human and wildlife will have to share the same space. Hoosiers can learn to share urban areas with wildlife, just as the people in southeast Asia have learned to share space with the long-tailed macaque.

We have a troop of dozens of macaques. The monkeys are led by a male named Graham. You’ll see him watching over the troop and keeping order.

The macaques’ habitat features pools surrounded by grassy areas as well as a few raised platforms that extend over the water. Not only will this design reflect the architectural styles found in Southeast Asia, we hope it will encourage the macaques’ unique — and very fun — natural diving behaviors that guests can watch through multiple glass viewing windows. 

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