Macaque Troop Growing Again
Two tiny primates are our first Zoo Babies of 2021

Our Macaque Troop is Growing Again

Published Jan. 11, 2021

A precious pair of little primates are the first Zoo Babies of 2021!

Long-tailed macaque Glenda gave birth on New Year’s Day, then macaque Kathy added another baby to our troop on Jan. 3. Both mothers and their infants are doing great. This is the first baby for 6-year-old Glenda and the second for 7-year-old Kathy. Her other offspring, Chi, is still part of our troop as well.

Following a pregnancy of about 5 ½ to 6 months, female long-tailed macaques give birth to a single baby. Weighing less than a pound, the newborn will cling tightly to its mother’s stomach for protection as she travels.

These two newcomers are staying close to their mothers for now, so we don’t yet know their genders. However, our veterinarians recently confirmed the macaque born Nov. 17, 2020, to 10-year-old macaque Momba is a girl and Zookeepers have named her Juniper. Momba also has two other daughters, Cynde and Java, who are also still part of our troop.

Young Juniper is growing quickly and has started exploring a bit on her own, though Momba always stays close by.  

Like all newborn macaques, our babies have a bare face with black hair that will lighten to gray beginning around 3 months old.

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