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Put a wild twist on learning with fun and engaging Zoo Camps!

Offered during school breaks and in the summer, camps incorporate age-appropriate activities to encourage discovery and appreciation of wildlife. Campers have the opportunity to make new friends, explore the Zoo and participate in games, crafts, tours, presentations, animal visits and more. Camps are well supervised with trained staff.

Space is limited, so register early! Registration closes 14 days before each camp session.

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Summer Zoo Camps - Covid-19 Update

Since the start of the pandemic, the Indianapolis Zoo has followed guidance from state and federal officials regarding how the Zoo should operate as society reacts to the coronavirus. We have also been monitoring information from the American Camp Association and CDC as it specifically relates to the operations of summer camps. From the information we have received, we plan to implement strict protocols and procedures regarding camper and staff health screenings, precautionary sanitization efforts and social distancing practices.  We will be providing a detailed list of our protocols to camper parents by the end of May based on the guidelines from those listed above.

We will begin camps on Monday, June 15.  If you have booked a camp with start dates before June 15 you may reschedule to a different week or be provided a full refund.  If your camp begins on June 15 or later, there is nothing more to do at this time.

Some other changes we will be making to camp:

⋅ We will be adjusting our refund policy. If you need to cancel your camp for any reason, we will refund 100% of your camp registration if you cancel by noon the Sunday before your camp begins.

⋅ We will be providing detailed information regarding new protocols we are implementing due to coronavirus to camper parents by the end of May based on the guidelines from federal and state agencies and the American Camp Association.

⋅ We will be adding single day camps that will be available on weekends for those that can’t commit to a full week of camp. These new offerings will be on our website soon, so be sure to check those out.

Please understand that we will continue to follow the recommendations set forth by the Governor, and that our plans today may need to change as more information becomes available.  Our priority is to run a safe, educational and fun summer camp.

New! single-day camp experiences
Adventure Day Camps for ages 6-9

Looking for a camp experience but not able to commit to a full week? Our new single day camps, offered on weekends throughout the summer, might be for you. Campers will spend the day exploring the Zoo, learning about animals and discovering how we care for animals at the Zoo and around the world. Register for just one day or for several. Each session will offer unique activities.

June 20, 21, 27 & 28
July 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 & 26

Time: 9am-3pm

Cost: Members $55 and nonmembers $65

New! single-day camp experiences
A week full of fun and learning!

5-day Summer Camps

All 5-day camps run 8am-3pm on designated dates.  Aftercare is available until 4:30pm (additional fees apply).

Nonmembers $270; Members receive a 10% discount
Aftercare $45


Nonmembers $270; Members receive a 10% discount

Animals Having Fun 

Swinging, swimming, climbing and hiding are things animals love to do. What would we do without having fun? Campers will learn what the Zoo does to create fun for our animals.

June 15-19 


World Travelers: Who Lives Where?

Travel Itinerary, check! Passport, check! Travel the Zoo and see animals from around the world! Campers will explore the many habitats found on earth as well as discover a little about our diverse cultures.

June 29-July 3


Animal Detectives 

Campers will become our animal detectives, searching for clues and discovering wildlife while solving some animal who-dun-its. Each day will be packed with interactive games, touring the zoo, and investigations to help solve our daily mysteries!

July 6-10


Growing Up Wild

Some babies look like their parents and some babies don’t. Some babies need a lot of care while others are on their own. Find out what it is like growing up wild!

July 20-24


Wild Senses & Crazy Defenses 

Survival in the animal world means you have to be the best! Some animals smell with their tongues, some taste with their skin! Spines and stinky behinds help protect them. Campers will learn all the ways that animals survive the animal kingdom!

July 27-31 

Nonmembers $270; Members receive a 10% discount

What’s For Dinner? 

Cheerios, avocado, raw chicken, and super worms? See what’s on the menu at the Zoo. Learn what and how animals eat and discover what it takes to feed the Zoo’s animals.

June 15-19


Endangered Wildlife

Disappearing before our eyes – many of the world’s most beautiful and beneficial animals are some of the world’s most endangered. Learn about some of these animals and how you can help save them before they are gone forever!

June 22-26 


Animal Designs

Eyes on top of your head? Campers will investigate the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of animal designs. Through behind the scenes tours, daily activities, and games, campers will learn how to use their creative side to generate their own animal designs.

June 29-July 3


Super Sleuths Solve It! 

The animal world has mysteries, and yes we will solve them! Campers will explore the lives of animals in daily mysteries to discover animals while becoming an “Animal Super Sleuth”.

July 6-10  


Tooth & Claw

Lots of teeth, sharp claws, stealthy stalking… being a top animal predator requires a lot of work! Campers will learn what it takes for predators to survive when other predators want the same foods!

July 13-17


Extreme Wildlife

Blue tongues, heat detectors, stinging tentacles, night vision, thousands of teeth, a twenty four pound heart…discover some of the really amazing wildlife of the world.

July 20-24 



Boogers and earwax – yuck or yay? Animals can be delightfully disgusting! Campers will learn how being gross can help animals survive, and how we can use some of these gross adaptations to identify animals! Being gross can be amazing!

July 27-31

Nonmembers $270; Members receive a 10% discount

Animal Communication

Chatter, smells, and waves: animals “talk” in lots of ways! Campers will learn the various ways our animals communicate with each other, and even learn how we communicate with the animals.

June 15-19


What Animals Do

What is operant conditioning? How do we know really know what our animals want? Come and explore animal behavior and learn how to watch animals like a scientist.

June 29-July 3


Wildlife Mysteries

The world of wildlife holds many unsolved mysteries. But if you know where to look, you might be just the scientist to solve them! Campers will explore artifacts, encounter behind the scenes tours, and learn about the oddities that make the world of wildlife so mystical!

July 6-10


Zookeeper Science

Science isn’t always easy. The science that zookeepers use can be challenging AND fun! Campers will participate in science activities, games and observations to discover how zoo keepers use science to better care for animals.

July 13-17


Ocean Odyssey 

The oceans make up 70% of the earth’s surface. How much do you know about them? Campers will delve into the world of water and discover why our oceans are often such a mystery. Through activities and behind the scenes tours, campers will explore ocean animals and their relationships to water.

July 27-31 

Nonmembers $270; Members receive a 10% discount

Wildlife Technology

Learn how scientists use technology to study the planet’s wildlife from entire ecosystems to individual species. Try your hand at using some of the technology.

June 22-26


Art & Animals

Does your child love art and the Zoo? This camp is just for them! Campers will discover art techniques, explore the Zoo, and learn about the myriad of amazing animals at the same time! Campers will also work on an individual art piece throughout the week to practice their newly learned art techniques.

July 20-24

Nonmembers $270; Members receive a 10% discount


Did you know an estimated 15,000 new species are still discovered each year? Campers will discover the amazing diversity of life on our planet and investigate how it works.

July 13-17

Nonmembers $270; Members receive a 10% discount

Wildlife Conservation

Discover the science of wildlife conservation as you focus on conservation of the planet and its inhabitants.

June 22-26

Important Zoo Camp Information

Camp Cancellations: Update for 2020. If you need to cancel your camp for any reason, we will refund 100% of your camp registration if you cancel by noon the Sunday before your camp begins.

Snacks and Lunches: Parents will need to provide all drinks, snacks and a lunch for their campers each day.

Have a question not answered here? Please contact us or call 317-630-2000 between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

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