Behind the scenes, the Custodians in our Park Operations department work hard to set up our events, and keep our amenities, exhibits, and grounds clean.  A background in janitorial / custodial / housekeeping is preferred.  A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred. Employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment drug test,  and criminal history check.

As a Part-Time Custodian, you will

  1. Be responsible for non-catered event setups and will assist the Park Ops Department with Christmas At The Zoo, Zoo Boo, Zoobilation, snow removal, and trash removal.
  2. Assists with operational support for all major special events including Zoobilation, ZooBoo, CATZ and other marketing special events (ie Zoopolis 500, Back to School Concert).
  3. Cleans and vacuums event spaces to ensure cleanliness standards are maintained.
  4. Ensure a quality presentation in event areas.
  5. Daily stocking and cleanliness of restrooms, outdoor food service areas, general pathways, landscaping, benches, trashcans, carpeted and tiled areas.
  6. Ensures all Zoo sanitation, chemical handling and safety standards are adhered to.
  7. Maintains, the equipment at the Zoo, and maintains the buildings to the highest quality as requested. Keeps all in good working order.
  8. Ensures that Zoo safety standards are followed.

The successful candidate must be cooperative and work well with co-workers and supervision, be highly motivated, and once trained, be able to work relatively independently with limited supervision. Flexibility in availability is required, as hours on 1st and 2nd shift will be scheduled.  Must be able to read English, understand and follow directions (written and verbal in English). May be asked to work on weekends, special events, holidays, and some late hours.

Working Conditions:

  • Must be able to work indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather.  Individual will be in temperatures ranging from -10 to 90+ degrees.
  • Must follow Universal Protection Precautions and Bloodbourne Pathogens Guidelines.  Possible occupational exposure (Category C employee) to human bloodborne pathogens and pollen.
  • Must wear personal protective equipment including latex or rubber gloves, dust masks, and goggles.
  • Will be required to climb step-ladders, stoop, kneel, crouch, stand, walk, push, pull, and lift.
  • Must be physically able to do heavy lifting which may include exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or more than 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or in excess of 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Hearing – must be adequate to perform job duties, communicate over the telephone, and two-way radio.
  • Vision – Must be able to observe an area that can be seen up and down, or to right or left while eyes are fixed on a given point.
  • NEAR ACUITY – Clarity of vision (with or without glasses/contact lenses) at 20 inches or less.
  • FAR ACUITY – Clarity of vision (with or without glasses/contact lenses) at 20 feet or more.
  • DEPTH PERCEPTION – Three-dimensional vision (with or without glasses/contact lenses) to be able to judge distances and spatial relationships to see objects where and as they are.
  • COLOR VISION – Ability to identify and distinguish colors.
  • Ability to verbally converse and listen with comprehension.

Education:  High school diploma or equivalent is preferred.

Experience:  Knowledge of custodial / janitorial / housekeeping and related fields is preferred. Must be team oriented and posses’ interpersonal skills.

To help ensure receipt of your online application, it is recommended applicants use a computer running Windows XP or higher, with at least Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, or Safari.

In the “position desired” section of the application, please enter “Part-Time Custodian’.

The Indianapolis Zoo is a Drug Free/Smoke Free/Child Safe Workplace and an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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