Four New Marine Mammals Arrive
Gordo, Pepper Jack, Colby and Babybel arrived recently from Florida

Four Marine Mammals Are New in Oceans

Published Nov. 26, 2019

We have new four cheese blend that you’re sure to love! Gordo, Pepper Jack, Colby and Babybel are California sea lions that arrived in mid-November from Florida.

These four playful pinnipeds are settling in well to their new Midwest home and are already greeting guests at their habitat at the front of the Zoo’s Oceans area. They’re joining our existing pinniped group, which also includes three other sea lions and two grey seals.

The only male of the group, Gordo is 4 years old and already noticeably larger than the three females, who are all 2 years old. In the years to come, he’ll get even larger, as male sea lions can grow to 800 pounds or larger — nearly four times larger than females.

Known for their highly social and playful personalities, California sea lions in the wild live in coastal waters along the U.S. Pacific coast, often forming large colonies on beaches, docks and rocky shorelines. With their torpedo-shaped bodies, sea lions are streamlined for speed in the water and can reach speeds up to 25 mph in short bursts. However, they hunt in the same waters as larger animal predators, such as orcas and great white sharks, as well as human fishermen, sometimes creating conflicts as they compete for the same resources.

During our seasonal sea lion chats, guests can learn more about our marine mammals.

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