African Lion
African Lion
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Female lions are the primary hunters of the pride and may bring home prey as large as rhinos. Males work to protect the pride and their territory, and can be distinguished by their large mane.

Plains Stamp
Average Size
4.5-6.5 feet long
Native Region
Eating Habits
Anything from rodents to rhinos
Conservation Status
Distinguishing characteristics

Enzi is very laid back and enjoys participating in training sessions with his animal care team. At over 430 lbs., Enzi is the largest lion at the Zoo.

Fun Facts

Enzi, meaning powerful, is courageous and likes climbing on rocks and limbs outdoors.

Distinguishing characteristics

Even as an adult, Sukari continues to be a playful and curious lion. She has an excellent relationship with her mother and her animal care team. Sukari looks a lot like Zuri, but she is still slightly smaller than mom and has a lighter coat.

Fun Facts

Sukari, like her brother Enzi, loves ice treats! Her name means "sweet".

Distinguishing characteristics

Zuri is an independent lion. She has a close relationship with her daughter, Sukari, and the two are often seen lying near each other.

Fun Facts

Zuri gave birth to her first litter of cubs in September 2015.

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Where are they at the Zoo?
The African Lions are located in the Plains Exhibit.
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Additional Experiences
Lion Chat
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Pounce on the chance to learn about our African lions! Whether they are participating in a training demonstration or receiving some enrichment, you’ll get an up-close look at these powerful big cats. Lions are the only social cats and use teamwork to survive harsh conditions in Africa. Discover how we can use teamwork to help lions half a world away!

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The Animal Amigo program helps care for all of the animals at the Zoo by funding food, medical treatment, equipment, enrichment toys, and habitat improvement for the animals in our care. For a donation of $100 or more, you can sponsor a lion at the Indianapolis Zoo. You will receive a plush, collector card, certificate and recognition on the Animal Amigo donor board!

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