Rockhopper Penguin
Rockhopper Penguin
ABout Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhoppers often burst from the water at the shoreline and got their name from their ability to easily hop from rock to rock!

These birds are easily distinguished from our other penguins by the crest of yellow and black spiky feathers above their eyes. Rockhoppers return to the same nesting sites year after year, often choosing the same mate.

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average size
22 inches, 4.4-6.6 pounds
native region
Islands adjacent to Antarctica, from Chile to New Zealand
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eating habits
Conservation status
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The Rockhopper Penguin is located in the Oceans Exhibit.
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Additional Experiences
Penguin Feed Demonstration
Presented by Dippin' Dots

Have you ever seen a penguin “fly” underwater? They are FAST — darting, turning on a dime and heading as quickly as possible for their “fishy” targets. Join the Oceans aquarists for a chat about our penguins and a demonstration of their superior fishing skills as they dive for their dinner. Be sure to look at the third viewing window under your feet to see these skillful swimmers shoot through the water! You’ll learn more about these amazing aquatic birds and the challenges they face in the wild.

Animal Art Adventure

Talk about happy feet — our penguins can not only keep the beat, they can also create beautiful art! A Penguin Art Adventure will take participants behind the scenes in Oceans, where they will meet a penguin, learn about some of the things that make these marine birds unique in the bird world, and receive their own penguin art! This program is available from April through September.

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