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Caribbean Flamingos are bright pink or salmon in color, a result of eating shrimp.  Chilean flamingos are pale pink with bright tips on their feathers. Caribbean Flamingos call North, Central, and South America their home – as well as the Galapagos regions.  Chilean Flamingos reside further south, in the muddy wetlands of temperate South America.

Did you know a flamingo’s signature pink color comes from its diet? In the wild, flamingos eat tiny algae and brine shrimp that live in the water. The brine shrimp and algae contain carotenoid pigments, the same nutrients that make carrots orange and beets red.


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Average Size
51 inches,
7 pounds
Native Region
North, Central, and South America;
Eating Habits
Algae, insects, mollusks, shrimp
Conservation Status
Caribbeans: least concern,
Chileans: near threatened
All New Starting Memorial Day Weekend!
New Flamingo Feed Experience!

We’ve added a new and memorable experience that will tickle you pink!

Thanks to a gift from The Family of Dan and Rhonda Hall, a new flamingo feed allows guests to come up close and personal with our flamingos by feeding them one of their favorite foods, krill! You can feed our flocks during one of three scheduled feeding times daily — 11am and 1 & 3pm. You need a feed ticket which is $3 or purchase the Total Adventure Package with all rides and feeds included in one price!

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Come see for yourself.

Look no further. Connect with our amazing animals and learn about the wild places they come from.

Where are they at the Zoo?
The Flamingos are located in the Flights of Fancy.
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Additional Experiences
Flamingo Mingle

Have you ever seen a parade of flamingos?

In one of our newest animal demonstrations, you can follow these birds as they march — escorted by their keepers of course — the paths of the Encounters exhibit. Our flock of Caribbean flamingos was hand-raised and that makes them perfect for this encounter. You can tell them apart from our Chilean flamingos because the Caribbean species are slightly larger and a brighter shade of pink. Flamingos get their beautiful coloring from their diet of shrimp and other crustaceans. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with these amazing animals and learn more about them from the keepers themselves (they’re the ones in the bright pink shirts).

Animal Amigo
Sponsor a Flamingo

The Animal Amigo program helps care for all of the animals at the Zoo by funding food, medical treatment, equipment, enrichment toys, and habitat improvement for the animals in our care. For a donation of $100 or more, you con sponsor a flamingo at the Indianapolis Zoo. You will receive a plush, collector card, certificate and recognition on the Animal Amigo donor board!

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