Sand Cat
Sand Cat
ABout Sand Cat

Sand cats are nocturnal, which helps them avoid exhaustion from the extreme heat of the desert in the daytime.

They dig shallow burrows in sand dunes or in the shade of shrubs to sleep in or lie on their backs while sleeping in the open. Sand cats are predators that hunt for small prey mostly at night. They have wideset and internally large ears, which help them better locate prey at night.


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Average Size
15 to 22 inches long,
Male: 4.6–7.5 lbs, Females: 3–6.8 lbs
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Native Region
Northern Africa, Arabian Peninsula and Central Asia
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Eating Habits
Small rodents, insects, birds & reptiles
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Conservation Status
Least concern
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Where are they at the Zoo?
The Sand Cats are located in the Deserts Dome.
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