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Size, Speed & Venom: Extreme Snakes opens Memorial Day weekend

Pythons have long, cylinder-shaped narrow bodies, variations in color, and small heads. Pythons differ from boas because they have an extra bone in their head. You can find Pythons in rain forests, grasslands and savannas, woodlands, swamps, desert hills and shrub lands.

Who’s at the Zoo: Reticulated Python and Burmese Python

Our snake exhibit is currently closed as we prepare for the exciting changes coming with Size, Speed & Venom: Extreme Snakes opening May 25

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Average Size
23 inches to
33 feet,
Up to 250 pounds
Native Region
Northern Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa.
Eating Habits
Birds, lizards, rodents and mammals.
Conservation Status
Depends on the species

What can you do?

Everyone has the power to help save wild things and wild places. That power is your individual voice, your awareness and your actions. So in addition to visiting the Zoo and meeting our animal ambassadors, here are a few simple suggestions that will help save their counterparts in the wild.

  • If you plan to adopt a snake, be sure that it is coming from a reputable source.
  • Research before you adopt. Snakes may be small at first, but some popular pet species can grow up to 20 feet! Be aware of the care requirements for the type of snake you are adopting.
Additional Experiences
Burmese Python Chat
Burmese Python Chat

Want a sssuper ssspecial experience here at the Zoo? Come check out our newest keeper chat and meet Iris and Lily, our albino Burmese pythons! Learn all about Iris and Lily from our Desert keepers and their wild counterparts. Iris is over 10 feet long and still growing! Kids and adults even have the opportunity to pet her during the chats. Burmese pythons are one of the largest snakes in the world. Although native to tropical areas including Southern and Southwest Asia, many of these pythons have been released throughout Florida, which poses a danger to the ecosystem. Make sure to stop by to see Iris and Lily and learn more about these ssstunning sssnakes!

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Come see for yourself.

Look no further. Connect with our amazing animals and learn about the wild places they come from.

Where are they at the Zoo?
The Pythons are located in the Desert Dome.
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