See Bonsai at White River Gardens
Enjoy Intricate Living Art Beginning Sept. 8

See Bonsai at White River Gardens

Published Aug. 12, 2020

The Hilbert Conservatory is about to have something brand new — bonsai! 

Opening Sept. 8 and continuing through Nov. 30, guests can enjoy seeing 15 different species in 25 unique creations from the Indianapolis Bonsai Club this fall.

“Bonsai give an appreciation of nature while creating a piece of art,” said Paul Weishaar, president of the club.

What began as an Asian art form is now a popular plant pastime worldwide. Bonsai trees are planted in shallow trays and are formed, pruned and cared for to create miniature versions of a variety of tree types. Bonsai are not a specific type of tree, rather any species with smaller sized leaves. Even fruiting and flowering trees can be used.

This limited- time exhibit will feature several award-winning bonsai plants, including a Brazilian rain tree, ficus and black olive.

You might even learn a few tips and tricks to inspire you to bring the beauty of bonsai into your own home!   

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