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About Eagles

Eagles are iconic birds of North America. They live in various habitats such as forests or open areas, especially near water. With a wingspan of up to 3 feet, these majestic birds soar through the skies, using their keen eyesight to hunt prey such as fish, small mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and even carrion.

Eagles use complex flight displays to find a mate. Then, a male and female pair will build a large nest in a tree, cliffside or other high place. Bald eagles make the largest nests in North America: usually about 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Eagles may return to the same nest year after year, adding more material to it each time. The largest golden eagle nest measured 8 feet across and 20 feet high, and the largest bald eagle nest weighed 2 tons when it fell out of a tree! Baby eagles incubate inside their eggs for about a month and stay in the nest for up to 6 months.

2–3 feet long and about 9–10 pounds
Live in
North America and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, depending on the species
Small animals, invertebrates, carrion
IUCN Red List Status
Least Concern
Bald eagle


Bald eagles are a conservation success story. In the past, a pesticide called DDT weakened their eggshells, so few young bald eagles survived. They were listed as an endangered species in 1978 but were removed in 2007 when their populations returned after DDT was banned in 1972. Both bald eagles, a U.S. national symbol, and golden eagles, the national bird of Mexico, are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN Red List.

Help protect eagle habitat by keeping outdoor areas free of pollution or food waste, which can put eagles at risk of conflict with people or their cars. When people work together for conservation, we can make a real difference for wildlife!


Bald eagle
Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Found across North America, bald eagles live near water and prefer to eat fish. They can live up to 30 years or more.

IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern

Golden eagle
Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)

Golden eagles are widespread across the Northern Hemisphere, especially in areas with mountains. Their favorite foods are small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels and prairie dogs. They can live up to 30 years or more.

IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern