Warthog Piglets Born in Plains
Welcome our newest arrivals in Plains

Warthog mom Lily gives birth to four beautiful piglets


Warthog mom Lily and dad Kazi welcomed the birth of four adorable piglets on April 17. Female warthogs can give birth to up to eight babies, though smaller litters are more common. Our new piglets include three boys named Leonard, Rollo, and Ragnar, and a girl, named Astrid. Lily is an experienced and caring mother to her youngsters.


Native to the grasslands of Africa’s southern Sudan and southwestern Ethiopia, these warthogs stay in burrows built by aardvark. Female warthogs will stay in the burrow when giving birth to protect their newborn piglets.


Within about three months, piglets will venture farther away from their parents. For now, Kazi, their father, doesn’t seem to mind their playful personalities.


Warthog piglets typically only weigh 1-2 pounds at birth, though these Zoo babies won’t stay small for long. A typical mature period is about 20 months for boars. Visit these adorable piglets near the exit of Plains while they’re still young! Thanks to our friends Hendricks Regional Health for presenting our Zoo Babies.

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