Meet Our Seals
Grey seal brothers Ziggy and Scooter make their debut

Meet our new seals this summer!


Two young grey seal brothers – 4-year-old Ziggy and 2-year-old Scooter – are the newest marine mammals to make their way to the Indianapolis Zoo.

While they arrived in May from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and just recently made their debut outdoors, the pair quickly showed off their different personalities to trainers. Ziggy is interested in his trainers and the variety of objects he is given to play with, but like any growing boy, he really likes to eat! His favorites? Jell-O and munching on ice!

The brothers look similar, but Scooter is still smaller than Ziggy and his lighter spots. His trainers say he’s very curious and likes to follow them.

Grey seals are also known by the name horsehead seals for the Roman arch in their nose. These animals range along the coasts all over the northern Atlantic Ocean. Their torpedo-shaped bodies and powerful flippers help propel them through the water at speeds more than 20 miles per hour, though they can appear to be quite clumsy on land. They also have great sight and hearing underwater, and their whiskers can help them find prey even in total darkness.

Visit Ziggy and Scooter alongside our sea lions in their habitat outside of Oceans.

Scooter on Land
Ziggy Swimming
Close-up of Ziggy
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