Gazelles Born in Plains
These critically endangered Addra gazelles are our first Zoo Babies of 2020

Two Gazelle Calves Join our Plains Family

Published March 19, 2020

Meet our first Zoo Babies of 2020 — a pair of adorable Addra gazelle calves!

Born just weeks apart on Feb. 25 and March 8, the babies are both males and each weighed a little more than 10 pounds at birth. Addras are the largest and most endangered of all gazelle species, which makes these births even more special.

Our firstborn, named Kabili, is the second calf for mom Swann. While most calves are able to stand and begin nursing within just a few hours after birth, our Zookeepers noticed right away this baby was unable to stand. During his exam, Veterinarians discovered some health issues, so the animal care team stepped in immediately to begin providing daily medication and bottle feedings. Through their around-the-clock care, the calf is now fully recovered, healthy and growing.

Our second gazelle baby, named Kal, is the first calf for mom Sparrow. The pair is doing great together — Sparrow is very attentive to her calf and he is nursing well.

The moms and their babies are altogether now as herd and will begin going outside in the Giraffe habitat in Plains.

Native to the arid Sahara Desert regions in northern Africa, Addra gazelle mothers give birth to a single calf at a time. To avoid predators, the newborn will spend several weeks hiding among the tall, dry grasses and his light tan coat provides the perfect camouflage. As he grows older, his coat will grow out with more white along his neck and back.

Thanks to Hendricks Regional Health for presenting Zoo Babies.

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