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Botswana Trip

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July 15-25, 2020

Experience the raw, natural beauty hidden in southern Africa!

Discover a wealth of natural phenomena in the contrasting wonder of Botswana. Lose yourself in the sparkling and endless horizons along the ancient Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, where the ground beneath you glimmers in the sunlight. Float through the earthy bounty of the Okavango Delta, the planet’s largest inland water system, visible from outer space. Encounter some of the most incredible and elusive wildlife on Earth, including lion, leopard, elephant, zebra, Cape buffalo and more. See the unpolluted galaxy around you by night in the stars above as exotic nocturnal beasts prowl nearby. Learn the ancient ways of the San Bushmen, who have found water in the desert and game in this barren land for 30,000 years. Let this remarkable place take hold of you, and create experiences you will never forget.

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