What's Growing On

Growing Like Gangbusters!

​​​The brand new City Garden in the White River Gardens is doing fabulously! We have lots of fruits, veggies and herbs growing in our little 17-foot by 22-foot space. Growing up rather than out, planting dwarf varieties, and using containers for your edible garden allows you to fit a lot into a small space.  We have also created fencing, trellises and a compost bin/potting bench combination from old pallet wood, have limited chemical use to organic fertilizer, and have installed a rain barrel and drip hoses to make our garden as earth-friendly as possible!​

Yellow cherry tomato

Poquito zucchini


Phoenix nasturtium


National pickling cucumber

Green beans


Dolce nectar honeydew melon


Parsley and sweet potato

Birdhouse gourd