What's Growing On

​New Spring Blooms​

Spring is right around the corner and the White River Gardens are filling with new blooms! From orchids to daffodils there is always something new growing in the Gardens. 


​Looking at this photo of a phalaenopsis you can see why it is commonly called "moth orchid"! 

​This pretty ​early-blooming reticulated iris (iris reticulata) is a cultivar named 'George.' 

​Helleborus (sunshine spectaculars) are glorious double lenten roses you can find in the Ruth Lilly Shade Garden. 

​Inside the Hilbert Conservatory is our amazing green-flowerd jade vine (strongylodon macrobotrys) is in full splendor!

Snowdrops (galanthus nivalis) scattered throughout the shade garden, these let us know spring is on the way!


Pachysandra procumbens

The cornelian cherry dogwood (cornus mas) is just beginning to show its tiny flowers.


A few early daffodils (narcissus spp.) are beginning to bloom, inclduing this one that has gotten some extra warmth from the brick wall behind it. 


The variegated yucca (yucca filamentosa 'color guard') has prven to be quite evergreen (or evergreen and yellow?) in the Raised Garden.