What's Growing On

​A Quick Tour Through White River Gardens​

On a summer day, a tour through White River Gardens is a multi-sensory journey full of wondrous sights, sounds and smells. This is just a sampling of what the season has to offer, plus read our new blog to discover the highlights in our garden of exploration and fun. 

You'll be greeted by giant hyssop (Agastache 'Blue Fortune') just outside the White River Gardens. Growing to a good 3 feet tall, it is great for pollinators!

The Ruth Lilly Shade Garden has a few secrets to share, if you look closely enough. If you get down far enough, you'll see that the green top of the leaf of winter hardy begonia (Begonia grandis) hides a beautiful deep red color underneath.


When you use the steps that take you into the Allen W, Clowes Water Garden, the purple waterfall of  Clematis 'Jackmanii' will surely take your breath away!


As you make your way out of the Gardens along the Conservatory there is a special pollinator garden filled with insect attracting plants like this lovely asiatic lily (Lilium asiatica). 

While “ooh”-ing over the butterflies in the Hilbert Conservatory, be sure to “aah” at our new lobster claw plants (Helaconia rostrata). 


Did you know that eastern prickly pear cactus (Opuntia humi fusa) is an Indiana native that can live through our winters? You'll see it when you walk through the Virginia Fairbanks Sun Garden.


Another hidden treasure is our small cluster of variegated Solomon's seal (Polygonatum odoratum 'Double Stuff') in the Shade Garden. It is a fairly slow grower due to the wide bands of cream on its leaves.

Trumpet vine is blooming away right now. You'll see the gold-flowered 'Flava' as soon as you emerge from the Conservatory, while this more rosy one is blooming in the Wedding Garden.​