What's Growing On

Tropical Holiday Blooms Are Here​!​

Come into the Hilbert Conservatory where Christmas awaits you in a tropical style!​

We'll keep you updated on the progress of this Aechmea now starting to send up its bloom stalk!


A beautiful Bougainvillea in a hanging basket backlit by the late day sun. 

A bevy of orchids await you at the "North Pole".​


You can see from its colorful fruit how the Christmas palm tree got its name.      ​ 


The well loved red poinsettia hanging in a basket from the mezzanine.


 Find this scavenger hunt Santa with bromeliads and poinsettias.

Our tropical Thunbergia vine, with its sky blue flowers, has made its way to the ceiling!  

A glorious white Amaryllis.