Hilbert Conservatory

​​​Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy Group

March 17-Sept. 10

Immerse yourself in the beauty of butterflies as these wonderful winged insects return to the Hilbert Conservatory following a one-year hiatus. We've transformed the indoor gardens into a tropical paradise to bring you butterflies in a way that you've never experienced them before!

As you walk through the warm, aromatic indoor garden, more than 40 species of butterflies will flit nearby — and one might even land on you! Each day, newly hatched butterflies, like the blue morpho, zebra longwing and giant owl butterflies, will be released from the Emergence Chamber near the center of the Conservatory. This year more than 30 butterflies are brand new to the Conservatory, including the tailed jay, silver spotted flambeau and the common blue bottle. Come to one of our scheduled releases and watch them take their first flight! Learn about the amazing metamorphosis of these magical creatures — from egg to larva to pupa to butterfly. Feel the soft flutter of their wings as they float by on their way to take a drink of nectar from stunning glass feeders. Don't forget your camera to capture the stunning colors and delicate details of these fascinating creatures! Children also will love the magnetic build-a-butterfly wall where they can build replicas of these interesting insects.

A dazzling array of colors will fill every corner of the conservatory in this show, making you believe that you are walking into an immense glass kaleidoscope. A rainbow of light shimmers in through stained glass panels. These translucent, jewel-toned panels will mimic the butterflies as they float on the air currents high in the air in the Conservatory.

The Conservatory shows in White River Gardens are supported through an endowment funded by the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc. 

​​​​​​​​Discover the beauty that awaits
​No matter what the season, the Hilbert Conservatory offers the ultimate urban escape all year round! Enjoy a tropical paradise filled with beautiful blooms and lush greenery. ​This amazing retreat is located right in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, and it's a great place to come and relax for a midday getaway or a nearby weekend adventure.

The warm, aromatic indoor garden features 5,000 square feet of lush, tropical greenery. The 65-foot ceilings flood the space with light, and the mezzanine level provides a bird's eye view of the glorious gardens below as well as stunning view of the natural beauty of the outdoor DeHaan Tiergarten. With its gleaming shape visible in the night sky, the Conservatory is an architectural complement to the downtown skyline.

Inside the Conservatory, look for the exotic palm trees, flowering plantscapes and a small fish pond. The blown glass windows along the entrance of the Conservatory, which were created by glass artist Dave McLary, offer a beautiful transition to the space while the center font by sculptor Dale Enochs provides the gentle sounds of flowing water.