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An Indianapolis Zoo membership is your best value for year-round fun. As a member you get free general admission, free parking* to the Zoo, special access to members-only events and exhibit previews. Plus, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts in the gift shop, on guest admission, classes, summer camps and more. [more…]

M​embers get more out of every visit. Discover the excitement of the underwater world in the Dolphin Dome, the beauty of the four seasons in Forests, the majesty of the African Plains, the thrill of mingling with flamingos in Encounters, fluttering with butterflies in the White River Gardens and getting mobbed by meerkats in Deserts.

You can enjoy the Zoo at your convenience, whether for the day, an afternoon, or even an hour. With a membership, it's all up to you!​ Zoo members are part of the Zoo family. Whether you're thinking of starting your membership, ready to renew or interested in upgrading, we're here to help. 

Call your Membership team at 317-630-2046 any time you have questions or want to chat about how to make the most of your next visit.  

*If you are a new or lapsed member wishing to purchase your membership at the Front Gate, you will need to pay for parking on your visit. All subsequent visits will include free member parking. Take full advantage of your member benefits and join online!

Did you know? The Indianapolis Zoo is a leader in conservation and one of the premier wildlife conservation zoos in the country. Your membership support helps to support the survival of wild things and wild places!​

Have a question? We've got answers! 

​Frequently Asked Questions​​

Does my membership cover admission AND parking?

Yes! With your membership card, you receive FREE admission and FREE parking when visiting during regular Zoo hours after becoming a Zoo member. If you are a new or lapsed member wishing to purchase your membership at the Front Gate, you will need to pay for parking on your visit. All subsequent visits will include free member parking. Take full advantage of your member benefits and join online​!

I want to bring additional guests; do I get a discount on their admission?

Yes, Zoo members enjoy a discount on admission for guests that ​accompany them. If you bring guests often and are currently at a Basic Level membership, you may want to consider upgrading to a Plus level membership!

How long is my membership active?

Your membership expires one year from the date of purchase.

How do I renew early without losing any time?

One year is added to your current expiration date. So, you won't lose any time on your membership!

I have not received my membership cards in the mail and I want to visit the zoo, what can I do?

If you are an active member, you will need to show valid photo ID at the Membership Services window to receive a temporary pass for the day.

I have an Indianapolis Zoo membership; can I use that to get into other zoos?

The Indianapolis Zoo is the largest privately operated non-profit zoo in the country. We do not receive any direct tax-based support. As a result we do not participate in reciprocal programs. However, as a courtesy to members of other AZA-accredited zoos we do extend a $2 discount on adult general admission and $1 discount on child and senior general admission. Likewise you may find other institutions that extend a similar discount, so it never hurts to take your membership card when travelling.

I lost my membership cards, what should I do?

If you have temporarily misplaced your membership cards you may come to the Zoo showing your photo ID at both​ parking and at the front gate. You will receive a temporary pass for the day. If you have permanently misplaced your cards new ones can be issued for $5. This can be done over the phone or in person at the Membership Services Window.

How long after I purchase a membership will I receive my membership card?

If you purchase the cards at the front gate, you will receive your permanent cards immediately. If you purchase them through the mail, phone, or online you will receive your card within 2 weeks.  However, during this time you may obtain a temporary card at the Membership Services window at the Zoo's front gate with valid photo ID.

Can I laminate my membership card?

The Indianapolis Zoo membership cards are made of a heat and pressure-sensitive material that will cause them to turn black. We encourage you to use cold contact paper. Your membership cards are made out of a recycled plastic with metal woven in. While they may fade, they will not tear.

I have a Plus 2 membership; can a friend or relative use my membership if I am not present?

One of the two primary cardholders must be present in order for your guests to visit under the membership.​

​There's an event I want to attend in downtown Indianapolis, can I park at the Zoo while I attend it?

Free member parking is limited to current Zoo members during regular Zoo hours. For special events, we do have event parking available at a discount for our members. Parking is $7 for members, $10 for non-members. [close...]