Zoo Camps

​​​​Put a wild twist on learning with fun and engaging Zoo Camps! Offered during school breaks and in the summer, camps incorporate age-appropriate activities to encourage discovery and appreciation of wildlife. Campers have the opportunity to make new friends, explore the Zoo and participate in games, crafts, tours, presentations, animal visits and more. Camps are well supervised with trained staff. Space is limited, so register early!

Zoo Explorer Camps

Interested in zoo careers? Join us for in-depth Zoo experiences, where participants learn about caring for and working with our amazing animals. More than your average camp, these programs give children the opportunity to delve deeper and see more than ever before. The Zoo offers these unique two-day camps at select times of the year, typically during spring, fall and winter breaks.

Zoo Explorer Camps run from 9am to 4pm unless otherwise noted. 

Zoo Vet – March 20-22 • 9-12 year olds - SOLD OUT

Cost: $260 members and $285 non-members

Discover the world of the zoo vet and learn what goes into caring for all the Zoo’s animals. Go behind the scenes in the Zoo’s vet hospital. Take part in hands on activities to experience what it’s like to be a zoo vet. 

Dolphin Trainer – March 30-31 • 10-14 year olds - SOLD OUT

Cost: $360 members and $385 non-members

This adventure of a lifetime provides the opportunity for young people* to explore the world of dolphins. Experience what it takes to be a dolphin trainer and get to know the members of our dolphin pod. Over the course of two full days, participants will learn how we train and care for our dolphins through special behind the scenes experiences in the St. Vincent​ Dolphin Pavilion including attending the dolphin show, and meeting the trainers, dolphins and other marine mammals. Participants will learn how to individually identify our dolphins and how scientists study dolphins in the wild. All of this leads up to the ultimate experience, venturing into the water to meet our wonderful dolphins up close and personal.

*Participants must be at least 4 feet 6 inches tall and 10-14 years of age to participate in this program.

Zoo Keeper Science – March 27-29 • 9-12 year olds

Cost: $225 members and $250 non-members

Zoo Keepers use science every day. This 3-day camp explores how keepers use science with science activities, games, animal observations and behind the scenes tours.


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Summer Zoo Camps

Registration opens at 9:30am on Jan. 30

​Dive into adventure and education with Zoo Summer Camps! We offer either three-day or five-day camps for children ages 5-14. Participants will enjoy behind-the-scenes tours of the Zoo and White River Gardens, games, songs, creative craft projects, animal presentations and more. ​​

For more information, please email ​us or call 317-630-2000 between the hours of 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday

3-day Summer Camps

Members: $160Non-members: $185. Camps run 8am-3pm on designated dates. Aftercare is available until 4:30pm (additional fees apply).

5 years old only

Growing Up Wild
Some babies look like their parents and some babies don't. Some babies need a lot of care while others are on their own. Find out what it is like growing up wild!
June 5-7 [close]

5 & 6 years old

Animal Senses
Do you have antennae? Can you smell with your tongue? Campers will learn about animal senses while exploring their own.
July 31 - Aug. 2 [close]

6-8 years old

Wildlife Trek - SOLD OUT
Explore the animals exhibits and discover habitats and cultures of the world on a Wildlife Trek at the Zoo.
June 5-7 [close]

7-8 years old

Wildlife Wonders
This camp will open the eyes of campers to the wonders of wildlife with animal encounters, stories, games and crafts.
July 31 - Aug. 2

Wild Hunters - SOLD OUT
Sharks, snakes, and lions are a few of the WILDEST hunters in the world! Come and investigate the often surprising world of animal predators.
July 5-7 [close]

9 & 10 years old

Animal Investigators
With games, crafts, lego bricks, and behind-the-scenes tours campers will explore the animal world and discover ways they can help save wildlife.
July 5-7 [close]

9 -12 years old

Wildlife Science
Think like a wildlife scientist by focusing on the plants and animals at the Zoo. Participate in science activities and tour the Zoo while learning about the natural world.
June 5-7

Animal Survivors
Participate in team challenges for our own “Zoo Survivors” as you explore the ways animals and survive and what people are doing to help.
July 31 - Aug. 2 [close]

11-12 years old

Zoology 101
Campers will journey into the world of animal science while learning about the Zoo’s animals.
July 5-7 [close]​

5-day Summer Camps

Members: $240; Non-members: $265. Camps run 8am-3pm on designated dates. Aftercare is available until 4:30pm (additional fees apply).

5 & 6 year olds

Who Lives Where? - SOLD OUT
Travel the Zoo and see animals from around the world! Explore the many habitats found on earth as well as discover a little about our diverse cultures.
June 12-16 

Summer Safari - SOLD OUT
Campers will discover a safari of fun while learning about the Zoo’s animals. Camp will include stories, games, crafts and daily safari walks.
June 26-30

Animal Tales
The world is filled with animal stories. Campers in this camp will hear stories, create crafts and meet some the animals from these stories.
July 10-14

Animal On The Move
Run, fly, climb, and glide! Campers will explore how animals move and how they use movement for survival.
July 24-28 [close]

7 & 8 year olds

What’s For Dinner? - SOLD OUT
See what’s on the menu at the Zoo. Learn what and how animals eat and discover what it takes to feed the Zoo’s animals.
June 12-16

Animal Armor - SOLD OUT
Horns, claws, spikes and spines are just a few of the ways animals protect themselves. Campers will take a closer look at animal protection and see how and why they do it.
June 19 - 23

Animal Signs - SOLD OUT
Can you tell when an animal is near or has passed through an area? Discover the signs animals leave behind.
July 10-14

Animal Super Sleuths - SOLD OUT
Campers will explore the lives of animals through daily mysteries. Campers will discover what makes our animals extradorinary while becoming an”Animal Super Sleuth”.
July 17-21

Habitat Hunters
What makes a good habitat? Discover how animals are suited to their habitats in a search for a good home for each day’s animal.
July 24-28 [close]

9 & 10 year olds

Animal Adaptations
Webbed feet, spines, suction cups and fringed feathers are all types of adaptations. Come spend a week exploring the weird, bizarre and wild world of animal adaptations.
June 12-16

Mission: SOS
Species are disappearing at alarming rates around the world. Campers will see what the Zoo is doing to help save the Earth’s endangered species and learn what they can do to help.
June 19-23

What Animals Do
What is operant conditioning? How do we know really know what our animals want? Come and explore animal behavior and learn how to watch animals like a scientist.
July 10-14

Blue Planet
Campers will delve into the world of water and discover why we call earth the blue planet. Explore animals and their relationships to water.
July 17-21
Conservation Connection
Make a “conservation connection” and see how you can help save species and habitats around the world.
July 24-28 [close]

9- 12 year olds

Art & Animals
Discover animals and art at the same time as animal encounters inspire various art projects.
June 26-30 [close]

11 & 12 year olds

Race to Save the Planet
With species disappearing rapidly it is a race to save them. Campers will explore endangered animals and habitats while they participate in a race to save the planet.
June 19-23

Wildlife Technology
Learn how scientists use technology to study the planet’s wildlife from entire ecosystems to individual species. Try your hand at using some of the technology.
July 17-21 [close]

13 & 14 year olds

Wildlife Conservation
Discover the science of wildlife conservation as you focus on conservation of the planet and its inhabitants.
June 26-30​ [close]


Registration opens at 9:30am on Jan. 30 


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​Important Zoo Camp Information

Camp Cancellations: In the unlikely event that a Zoo Camp is cancelled, you will be notified directly and receive the opportunity to switch to another camp or receive a refund. Otherwise, no refunds or rescheduling of camps is allowed.​

Snacks and Lunches: ​Parents will need to provide all drinks, snacks and a lunch for their campers each day.

T-shirts: Summer zoo campers will receive a camp T-shirt. We will do our best to accommodate the requested shirt size.

*Extended Care: For your convenience we offer extended care for our summer camps from 3-4:30pm. Children are supervised in a classroom with various activities available. Pre-registration is required. Fees are $45 for five-day camps, and $27 for three-day camps.​ ​