Mother's Day Weekend ​

May 7-8

Celebrate your Mom with Ours!  Join us as put the spotlight all our mothers — both human and animal — again this year during our fun, annual event. 

The recognition begins right as you enter the Zoo with a special "Proud Mom" sticker. The fun is just beginning as the whole family participates in the Zoo-wide scavenger hunt. Follow the clues to discover several Zoo mothers and interesting animal facts along the way. For example, did you know that a mother elephant carries her calf for 22 months? Or that the whole group, or pod, of dolphins help to raise young dolphins? Once you finish the exciting hunt, stop in the Zoo Gift Shop to receive a special gift!

To remember your special day, there will be tasty treats and a Mother's Day photo opportunity located along the main pathway. Special Mother's Day coloring sheets can be found to the side for your little ones to decorate for you from 11am-2pm, too!

Are you a brand new mom? Don't forget to check out the Nursing Mom's Nest presented by Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health while you're here. Located in Flights of Fancy, this private space offers a place for moms to change diapers and breastfeed their babies.

Mother's Day weekend activities are free for Zoo members and included with regular Zoo admission.