Zoo Announces New Behind-The-Scenes-Tour

Zoo Announces New Behind-The-Scenes-Tour


Published August 25, 2023

Got a future zoo veterinarian in your family? Or want to know what we do at the Zoo if an animal is sick or injured? Well, now you can! The Indianapolis Zoo is excited to announce that guests can experience a NEW behind-the-scenes guided tour of the Polly Horton Hix Animal Medical Center.

“I hope guests see firsthand the excellent veterinary hospital we have and how it helps our veterinary staff provide health care for zoo animals,” said Dr. Jeff Proudfoot, Vice President of Veterinary Services of the Indianapolis Zoo. “With the help of Education and Marketing staff, we hope to add some graphics and video presentations to enhance the tour especially if they are taking place when the guests will be less likely to see a procedure in .”

This experience will take guests off the beaten path by learning and exploring inside the Zoo’s working veterinary clinic. Hear stories of how Zoo veterinary staff care for over 1,400 animals every day! “They will see the rooms where our medical procedures take place as well as the equipment that helps us perform these tasks,” said Dr. Proudfoot. From annual physical exams of lizards to X-rays of a kangaroo’s foot, our Zoo veterinarians do it all! Guests will also learn how the medical team at the Indianapolis Zoo works with other experts to improve animal care in zoos and aquariums and save animal species in the wild.

Dr. Proudfoot hopes that guests will have “a greater understanding of the resources required to care for a diverse taxonomic range of animals here at the Zoo” after experiencing this tour.

This experience includes views of medical equipment and descriptions of medical procedures and is best suited for guests ages 6 and older. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult participant. The building is ADA-accessible. Strollers, food, and drink are not permitted.

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