Remarkable Raptors Join Flights of Fancy
Red-tailed hawk and great-horned owl are native Indiana species

Two Remarkable Raptors Join Flights of Fancy Flock


Published Dec. 15, 2021

Meet the remarkable new raptors who have recently joined our flock!

Blaze is a male red-tailed hawk who was rescued as a juvenile because he has limited vision in his left eye, making him unlikely to survive in the wild. Hawks rely on their vision to spot prey while they soar up to 200 feet high in the sky. A hawk with intact vision has eight times better eyesight than a human. As their name suggests, red-tailed hawks are easily distinguished from other hawk species by their rust-colored tail as well as their dark brown wings that span up to 48 inches.

Maurice, nicknamed “Mo,” is a male great-horned owl who came from the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo after he too was rescued as a juvenile. Named for the two prominent tufts of feathers on their heads, great-horned owls are adept nocturnal hunters that use their incredible eyesight, near-silent flying, and excellent hearing to sneak up on prey in the dark of night.

Both of these beautiful bird species are native to Indiana, typically nesting in wooded areas bordered by open fields where they like to hunt. You can come get a closer look at Blaze and Maurice this winter in Flights of Fancy. The Great-Horned Owl exhibit is presented by Floors to Your Home.

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