Meet Our New Giraffe
1-year-old Kita joins our Plains family from Fort Wayne

Your First Look at Our New Giraffe


The Zoo’s newest addition will certainly make a sizable impression when guests meet her in the spring! Kita is a 1-year-old female reticulated giraffe who arrived in mid-October, and she is now becoming acquainted with our other three giraffes behind the scenes.

While Kita (pronounced KEE-ta) was born at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo on Aug. 6, 2017, she also has past connections to Indianapolis. Kita’s father, Ezeji, was born here in 2009, one of the many offspring of our long-time breeding pair Eddie and Elena. Additionally, our other two female giraffes, Takasa and AJ, are Elena’s offspring as well, making them Kita’s aunts.

Though Kita already stands more than 10 feet tall, she is still noticeably smaller and lighter in color than the other giraffes. Plains Zookeepers say Kita is very curious with a relaxed personality. Our newcomer warmed up to keepers right away and they are hopeful Kita will start participating in public feeds in the spring. The giraffe exhibit and seasonal giraffe feedings are presented by Meijer.

Additionally, the Zoo supports the Giraffe Conservation Foundation as the 2018 recipient of its Round Up for Conservation initiative. Started in 2017, the program allows guests to round up and donate the change from their purchases in the Zoo’s gift shop. This year, the program has raised $22,000 and growing for conservation and management of giraffes in the wild.

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