Legends of ZooBoo: Pumpkin Town
Legends of ZooBoo

Part 1: Pumpkin Town


Once upon a time, on a chilly Fall night in Indiana, there were two witches standing in the middle of an open field. They had with them a book of spells and a bag of pumpkin seeds. While performing a spell, they would spit the seeds across the field with a haunting giggle. After chanting their incantations, they left the field and awaited the spells they had cast upon it.

The next morning, something strange had happened. A town stood on the very ground the witches had stood on the night before. Where did it come from? Could it have been from the pumpkin seeds? Nobody knows, but one this is for sure – that empty field was now the whimsical village of Pumpkin Town.

This village returns every year when the days start to get shorter. And when the sun goes down, the out-of-town visitors make their way to this spooky town for chills and thrills. They are welcomed with haunting music from a ghoulish DJ. Visitors then stubble upon the general store called “Witchy Wares” offers the finest magic crystals, cauldrons and pet spiders for witches and wizards of all ages. On the outskirts of the town, is the local apothecary where special elixirs and potions are conjured up by a whacky witch. And the abandoned Candy Corn Factory has been reopened with a spooky maze of mirrors with hidden smiles behind every corner.

Only the bravest of souls dare to walk through the village of Pumpkin Town. But everyone knows the only thing scarier than the town itself, is the residents who live within it.


The Leeward Sisters

For as long as anyone can remember, the Leeward Sisters, Terra and Wisp, have gathered in the Fall to conjure up autumnal magic.  Their powers were once reinforced by the bountiful harvest, but now their magic comes from families gathering to celebrate the Halloween season. Who knows what these carefree conjurers will dream up next?  Whatever it is, you know it will be filled with Fall family fun!

Terra is the oldest sister.  As her name suggests, she is the most “grounded” of the two. She is truly an earth mother who exudes effervescent kindness.  While she may have a levelheaded attitude, she is not afraid to have fun along the way.

Wisp is the youngest sister. Her personality is like a feather blowing in the wind. What she lacks in specific direction, she more than makes up for in playfulness. She is lovingly air-headed and is prone to dancing…with or without music.


Aunty Guzzle

The Leeward Sisters’ wicked, yet clumsy aunt.  Aunty Guzzle is a playful, family-friendly interpretation of a more traditional witch.  She is a bit absent-minded but very skilled at creating potions for passers-by.  She runs her own apothecary, Aunty Guzzle’s Potions, where she conjures up “unique” elixirs with “magical ingredients” for customers to quench their thirsts.

Professor Pumpkin

Professor Pumpkin is one of the residents of Pumpkin Town, that grew out of the magical pumpkin seeds spat by the Leeward Sisters. He wanders around Pumpkin Town carrying his sidekick, MP (Member of Parliament), an owl made of pumpkins. Professor Pumpkin is also known for his mystifying magic tricks that he likes to perform for children. One of those tricks…making MP speak!

Pumpkin People

When Pumpkin Town sprung up from the open field, some of the plants just kept growing. When the growing stopped, the plants started to move…pulling themselves up from the ground and standing tall. Legends say creatures are described as standing over 8-feet-tall and look like scarecrows that were made from pumpkin vines. These are the new resident of Pumpkin Town, better known as “Pumpkin People.” They are seen walking the grounds of Pumpkin Town, looking for “out-of-town guests” to play with and maybe pose for pictures.


Are you brave enough to walk the grounds of Pumpkin Town? Do you dare to meet the residents of this whimsical village face-to-face? If so, then come on down to ZooBoo and face your fears.

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