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The Indianapolis Zoo is working with partners around the globe to save wild things in wild places.

​In March 2016, we celebrated the birth of Sumatran orangutan Mila. This important birth gives the Zoo a special reason to be joyful — Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered in the wild. Zoo visitors are watching Mila grow, learn and thrive, and that gives them a chance to care even more deeply about orangutans and the threats they face in the wild.

In addition to the birth of Mila, our team at the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center has been providing care to two additions, Bornean orangutan Kim and her infant son, Max. Upon arriving at the Zoo, Max was showing signs of slow development and Kim was overweight. The Zoo's expert nutritionist and veterinary staff carefully formulated a plan based on their health needs, and they've already made incredible progress.

Vets quickly diagnosed Max with a thyroid issue and collaborated with doctors at Riley Children's Health to ensure top notch care. Max turned 2 in November and is growing and thriving in his new environment! Most days you can find him playing with Mila in the Atrium.

For Kim, the staff worked to create a diet that has helped her get closer to an optimal weight while also providing enough calories to keep her milk nutritious for Max. This diet, along with an increase in her daily exercise, has led to some positive weight loss.

Not all orangutans are as fortunate. Orangutans are in deep trouble and for decades palm oil production, fires and logging has destroyed their habitats. In their population's current state of decline, orangutans in the wild are on pace to go extinct within the next 10 years if humans don't intercede.

It is because of Zoo supporters like you that we can partner with organizations and researchers to orangutans in their wild habitats, including Borneo's Kutai National Park and the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme in Sumatra, and increase public awareness, support and engagement, making a true impact in the wild.

Join us today with a tax-deductible donation to ensure Max, Kim and the other orangutans live healthy, enriched lives, full of their favorite things.

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