Hints for a Springtime Visit

​ ​Active Animals

Our animals are generally more active when the temperatures are moderate, which makes spring an ideal time for a visit. During warmer months, getting an early start and visiting in the mornings when it is cooler will give you the best chance of seeing animals when they're most active. If you happen to arrive later in the day, start at the African Plains exhibit to assure you have a chance to see all the animals before they go inside for the evening.​

Indoor Exhibits

If spring showers are in the forecast on the day you plan to visit, no worries! Our Zoo has multiple indoor exhibits for you to warm up in ­and see amazing animals! Visitors can go 17 feet underwater in the Dolphin Dome and catch computer learning demonstrations in the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center. Penguins, cownose rays, reef fish and more are always on the move in Oceans. Plus, it always feels like summer in Deserts.

Be Comfortable 

Check the day's weather forecast before you arrive and dress appropriately. We recommend dressing in layers — come with a jacket for the cooler morning that you can peel off as the day warms up. And comfortable shoes are a must! With 64 acres at the Zoo and an additional 3 acres at White River Gardens , you'll be on your feet most of the day.

Beautiful Butterflies

Immerse yourself in the beauty of butterflies as Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy Group returns to the Hilbert Conservatory! As you walk through the warm, aromatic indoor garden, more than 40 species of butterflies will flit nearby — and one might even land on you! If you want to see these beautiful critters take their first flight, plan on coming to a scheduled release at the Conservatory.

Enjoy the Total Adventure

If you plan on enhancing your Zoo visit with thrilling rides and close interactions, consider purchasing the Total Adventure Package. ​With TAP, enjoy all-inclusive rides, giraffe and bird feeds experiences for a low-price instead of buying tickets for each activity. ​

Go to the Dolphin Presentation

The daily Dolphin Presentations  are one of our most popular features and they're included free with regular Zoo admission. However, seating in the Dolphin Pavilion is limited, so if you want to pick the presentation you attend, get your tickets as soon as you come through the gate! And if you choose to sit in the Splash Zone, be prepared to get wet by tucking away your smart phone or camera.

Have a Chat

If you want to learn more about our animals, check out our daily Animal Keeper Chats. Sessions change seasonally, so as you enter, hold onto the schedule you receive along with your Zoo Map.

Stop and Smell the Roses

There's always something in bloom at White River Gardens. In the spring season, DeHaan Tiergarten showcases hundreds of tulips that fill our outdoor garden beds with vibrant colors each year! Plus, admission is included with regular Zoo admission! The Gardens are here to inspire! So if you're a gardening guru, we suggest bringing a notepad (or smart phone) to jot down any tips you collect from our Gardener's Notes signs or favorite plants you find.

Plan to Save

For guests who want to save money, a springtime visit can be just what you're looking for. Usually in the spring, crowds are lighter than they would be in the summertime, so admission prices will be lower, especially when you purchase advance tickets on line. Plus, guests can enjoy more personal animal interactions and see species that might be as active during the summer months.