5 Ways You Can Help Save Species

By taking responsibility for our actions, whether through supporting conservation initiatives or making sustainable life choices, we can help protect diversity of wildlife and ensure a healthier planet for future generations. We’ve come up with five ways you can help save species from extinction this spring season!

Donate or recycle your old or unneeded belongings

Clothes that no longer fit or serve a purpose in your closet can be donated to organizations or thrift stores. Consider collecting your old electronics to donate on Power Recycling Day powered by Technology Recyclers. With your help, we can divert 51 tons of recyclable materials from area landfills.

Add native plants to your garden

Native plant species are adapted to the climate and soil condition and therefore, require less of your attention. They also provide food and shelter for your local pollinators and promote biodiversity within your home garden.

Reduce the use of paper and plastics

Invest in reusable coffee cups and water bottles. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store. Replace paper towels with cloth towels. Even your coffee filters can be replaced with washable, reusable ones.

Look into alternate transportation

Most modes of transportation use fossil fuels to run and these emissions are warming our planet. Bike or walk wherever you can. Use public transportation. Purchase locally made products to reduce the amount of distance these items need to be shipped.

Support successful conservation programs that are making a real difference

Organizations, like those that support the conservation heroes of the Indianapolis Prize, are some of the most respected names in animal conservation. Supporting organizations like these fosters and sustain endangered species and our ecosystem.