Power Recycling Weekend

Power Recycling Weekend

12:00 AM

Admission to the event is free but - $10 processing fee for TVs and monitors, $20 for TVs larger than 27"

Doing your part to help Mother Earth has never been easier!

Join us for Power Recycling Weekend, our annual mass recycling event that offers a great opportunity to declutter your home and help the environment too! Just drop-off your old electronics, phone books, paper products, household items and much more in the Zoo parking lot on these special weekends and our recycling partners will take it from there!
RecycleForce will accept most unusable and outdated electronics, small appliances and more. See the detailed list of accepted items below. Please note there is a fee for any TVs and monitors, but all other items will be accepted for free.

Paper recycling will be offered from 10am-2pm compliments of Ray’s Trash Service. Limit of three boxes of paper per car, please. Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana will be on-site collecting new and gently used clothes, household items, furniture, books, toys and more. Plus, radio stations WZPL and 107.9 THE MIX have joined the event to promote sustainability in the community as part of their 1thing initiative.

Thank you to everyone who donated items during our record-breaking spring event. You helped us keep 185,800 pounds — nearly 93 tons — of reusable and recyclable materials out of area landfills!


Why We Recycle

In 2009 alone, more than 2.5 million tons of electronic waste was disposed of improperly. Many of these electronic devices contain mercury and lead, which could leach into the ground contaminating soil and water supplies. Cell phones are a major contributor to this problem; however, cell phones are also a prized recyclable item because of the precious metals they contain. A 2006 report by the United States Geological Survey estimated that a ton of obsolete cell phones (excluding batteries) contains 140 kilograms of copper, 31.4kg silver, 300g gold, 130g palladium and 3g platinum. However, according to a recent EPA report, only eight percent of all out-of-use mobile devices in the U.S. had been recycled as of 2009.

The Zoo takes a leadership role in this challenge, not only by hosting two electronics recycling events each year but also by recycling as much Zoo waste as possible — from plastics and office paper to tree trimmings and “Zoo doo.” For more information on the Zoo’s recycling efforts, watch this video. Special thanks to Ray’s Trash Service, the Zoo’s official every day recycling partner.

Why We Recycle
More Information about Recycling at the Zoo
  • Acceptable Items to Donate:
    • Computers, monitors*, laptops, hard drives, keyboards and other components.
    • TVs*, cable boxes, VCRs, DVD players and laserdisc players.
    • Video game consoles and portable game devices.
    • Satellite dishes and components.
    • Scanners, fax machines, printers and cartridges.
    • Digital cameras and camcorders.
    • Microphones and recording devices.
    • Radios/boom boxes, CD/tape players and Walkmans.
    • Metals and metal wiring.
    • Microwaves and small appliances**.
    • Motors and generators.
    • Power cables/supplies, surge protectors and electronic wiring.
    • Cardboard, office paper, magazines and phone books.
    • New or gently used clothes, bedding, shoes and accessories.
    • Exercise equipment, sporting goods and toys in good condition.
      *$10 processing fee for TVs and monitors, $20 for TVs larger than 27″
      **Large appliances will not be accepted
  • Terms & Conditions

    All computer hard drives will be double-swiped clean before being destroyed.

    Items that are still in good working condition will be donated to Goodwill. All other items will be recycled.

    In addition to doing good for the planet, you’ll receive a discount coupon for $2 off Zoo admission.

    Recycling participants who also plan to visit the Zoo this weekend will need to pay for parking.

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