Saving Wild Species and Wild Spaces


The mission of the Indianapolis Zoo is to protect nature and inspire people to care for our world. A critical component of the Zoo’s conservation mission is to promote sustainability. The Zoo tackles this mission on multiple fronts, including initiating and maintaining green practices and encouraging others to adopt a “greener” way of life through special programs and exhibit features at the Zoo, which help set a good example for sustaining a healthy environment in Indianapolis and beyond.

The Indianapolis Zoo is committed to conservation around the globe. One of the keystones of the Zoo’s commitment to conservation is to support efforts around the world to save species and wild spaces that are in peril. The Zoo’s support is boundless through its involvement and monetary assistance with many different organizations, researchers and scientists in the field whose hard work is helping to preserve unique species and their habitats for future generations.


Each year, the Indianapolis Zoo awards international conservation grants based on science and research, measurable impact and projects that incorporate logical behavior change in areas where conflicts between people and wildlife exist. The Zoo has provided more than $1 million in support to conservation efforts for the past three years.

As wild things and wild places face increasing challenges, the Zoo’s grant recipients are making an authentic difference in saving species worldwide and will continue to progress with support from the Zoo.


The Indianapolis Zoo is an international leader in conservation and recognizes individuals and organizations who are protecting species and creating successful conservation methods that will ensure future generations will live in a thriving and sustainable world. You too can make a difference for the future of species worldwide by using the power of your individual voice, your awareness and your actions.