5 Must-Read Books for Your Summer:

Indianapolis Prize Edition

The Winners and DeHaan Finalists of the Indianapolis Prize are not only distinguished conservationists but many of them are also published authors.
We have compiled a summer reading list to get you back to nature this summer!

Walking with Gorillas by Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

Walking with Gorillas tells 2023 DeHaan Finalist Dr. Kalema-Zikusoka’s inspiring story as Uganda’s first wildlife veterinarian and details her remarkable career protecting endangered mountain gorillas. She is also a defender of the people as a promoter of public health and has developed an innovative approach to conservation to improve the coexistence between local communities and gorillas.

Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel by Dr. Carl Safina

Four-time DeHaan Finalist Dr. Carl Safina’s writing explores how humans are changing the world and what those changes mean for non-human beings. The New York Times Bestseller Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel brings insight into the unique personalities of animals through stories of animal joy, grief, jealousy, anger and love. 

Dr. Safina is the author of ten books detailing human relationships with the natural world. Click here for his full library.

My Life with Cranes by Dr. George Archibald

Dr. George Archibald, Winner of the 2006 Indianapolis Prize, recounts the early years of his journey to save the critically endangered whooping cranes. A collection of true stories made through faith and perseverance; Dr. Archibald kept going despite numerous setbacks that threatened the species.

Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans by Dr. Sylvia Earle

Sea Change is a gripping adventure story of two-time DeHaan Finalist Dr. Sylvia Earle’s three decades of undersea exploration. This insider introduction to the dynamic field of marine biology is an urgent plea for the preservation of the world’s fragile and rapidly deteriorating ocean ecosystems.

For the Love of Lemurs: My Life in the Wilds of Madagascar by Dr. Patricia Wright

2014 Indianapolis Prize Winner Dr. Patricia Wright’s remarkable work saving lemurs started in 1986 when she was sent to the rainforests of Madagascar to find the greater bamboo lemur. She recounts the many challenges she faced to ensure the species’ safety. Ultimately, her tenacity and passion for the endangered species led to scientific breakthroughs and helped bring the animal back from the brink of extinction.

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