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Indianapolis Prize Spotlights How You Can Support Scientists Saving Species

The team behind the Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading award for animal conservation, has unveiled the second edition of “Champions for Our Planet: The Indianapolis Prize Guide to Animal Conservation Giving.” The unique guide serves as an expert roadmap for giving meaningful gifts that protect, preserve and sustain endangered species and ecosystems.

Each conservation organization in the guide directly connects to the work of Indianapolis Prize Finalists and Winners. The organizations represented in the guide include some of the most respected names in animal conservation including Polar Bears International, Save the Elephants, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, International Crane Foundation and many more. Contributions support projects protecting elephants, tigers, polar bears and more.

According to a 2018 national survey* commissioned by the Indianapolis Prize, a vast majority of Americans — 95 percent — said if they knew a few simple things that they could do to help save endangered animals, they would do them.

“At a time in which nearly one in four species is at risk of disappearing forever, this guide makes it easy for anyone who is passionate about conservation to give a gift that has lasting impact,” said Michael Crowther, CEO of the Indianapolis Zoological Society, Inc., which administers the Indianapolis Prize. “People have asked us to help them understand how their giving can make the biggest difference in the fight for wildlife and wild places. Champions for Our Planet does just that by clearing a path to support work that is changing the fates of species all over the world.”

The guide provides background information on each Indianapolis Prize hero’s work, the animal(s) they protect and the steps gift-givers can take to directly support their projects. All organizations and programs featured in the guide have been vetted by an independent commission of nonprofit and legal experts to ensure the highest standards of governance, management and accountability.