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Kenya, Madagascar and Mauritius are only a handful of the breathtaking international locations that audiences of the Indianapolis Prize Gala have been transported to over the years, thanks to Mays Entertainment, LLC. For director Matt Mays and his film team, surprising challenges are always part of the adventure — from facing environment and weather, to finding power in the middle of the desert! Whether it’s trekking through the heart of a rainforest or diving into the depths of an ocean to follow DeHaan Finalists and Winners, the goal is to share the incredible stories of conservation heroes, engaging and inspiring people to care about saving species. Learn more about the team here.

“It’s an incredibly amazing thing to essentially have a private audience with the most accomplished conservationists on the planet.”

Matt Mays, director

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The Indianapolis Prize is a significant conservation initiative of the Indianapolis Zoological Society, Inc. The Zoological Society is accredited as a zoo, an aquarium and a botanical garden. The Zoo is accredited by both the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the American Alliance of Museums.