What Teens Can Do
Making a Difference

We Can All Be Conservationists

Conservation isn’t just the work of experts. The Global Center aims to inspire and activate everyone. We can all be conservationists. We all have the power to make a difference. Find something that inspires you and then take a step to help.

What Teens Can Do
Taking a Step at Any Age

Teenagers care a lot about the planet. From climate change to biodiversity loss, it can all feel overwhelming. One of the best ways to feel hopeful is to get involved. Here are some ideas.

* Numerous conservation organizations welcome teenage volunteers. Start by looking in your community.

* Give hiking a try. Spending time in nature helps us to appreciate all that we have. Sharing that passion is even better. Grab some friends and hit the trails together.

* Take and share wildlife photos. Camera phones are better than ever, allowing us to capture incredible images of the world around us. Not only can your pictures inspire others to care, but there are apps and social groups that collect photos for research. iNaturalist is a great app for sharing your photos.

* Think twice about food choices. Take a look at the food you eat and think about where it comes from. Eat more plant-based food – try going meatless for a day or only eat it on the weekend. When dining out, ask where your fish comes from. Reduce food waste by freezing leftovers and give composting a try.

To find more ways to make a difference, visit the Indianapolis Prize website for a list of steps you can take.